One positive thing that happened today


I just got a call about an application I sent out yesterday, today. The plus is that it is way closer to my house than the previous!! Two words. Fuckin excited


I went to work!!! I’m so grateful to have a job. Then @ 8:00 I’m headed to my meeting. :slight_smile:


Got tickets for an outsold movie because others didn’t come in time. Spend my first-day sober working. Prayed fir that in thge morning. Was a good one, my nerves were stronger with the kids. Thank you for reading this. Sober at day ten.


Seem to be quitting everything and got nothing left


Had my councillor come round today and I’m still alive


My coworker showed up and I could take a sick day :unamused:


Got up early on my day off, and cleaned my apartment. :joy:


Can you start something new?


I can barely get the motivation to make food


Found an abandoned, injured dog and brought her to a lovely shelter. She was hit by a car but luckily she just has a sprained paw. My coworker and I named her Roxxy :slight_smile: I will be adopting her once she has a clean bill of health!


Maybe find a decent new recipe to make? Something easy? Blueberry pancakes??


Finally awoke early enough to bike to work (which I always do and is a 20min ride) but then made it to work early enough to attend the spin circuit class at the gym. Did a 20 min circuit followed by 20mins of spinning! Feeling fit!


I got to spend quality time with my brother from New Jersey and my nephew who has spina bifida. It was a great day!


I found the strength to finish my 3yr relationship… we used to drink and do drugs together… thigs got quite nasty at times … but the love i had 4 him was out of this world … i truly loved thos man … i started my recovery 68 days ago… and he doesn’t even believe my soba- clean date … so what hope is there 4 our future… so im now putting every thing into my recovery… as sad as it is breaking up im going to put my all into myself my recovery and being the best i can be … hope u all have a great day … sorry 2 ramble x


Wow that takes courage and strength, so happy youre so serious about this only the best is yet to come!


My son showed me something this morning and asked “don’t you remember from last night?” So grateful to honestly say “yes I do” instead of trying to extract enough detail to appear plausible


I left my work laptop and notebook on the tram… But it was handed in :pray: :heart:


Yes im definitely serious !!! How can i be with someone who doesn’t believe in my clean and soba date…


Finished my third job interview. Celebrated with a small pizza instead of getting wasted.


I had a game of catch with my son. Been awhile.