One positive thing that happened today


I got a great deal on a kid carrier so we can go hiking!


Failed all three job interviews. Instead of sprialing into depression about what a failure I am as a person like I usually do, focused on moving forward and finding other opptunities. Not perfect, but a little better than before.


The aa meeting tonight is my positive thing that’s happened today x


Taking a pause and concentrating on my breathing…meditation instead of giving in to a craving after getting upset.:two_hearts:


I woke up today 70 days clean off crack and heroin x


I got different medication and ate twice :slightly_smiling_face:


Got to teach people how to get better at the game i love… Golf


I got packed to go camping with 16 friends in recovery. Some with a short time of sobriety and others with decades! Booyah


Ate lunch outside. Absorbed some much needed vitamin d, and enjoyed the clean air.


I won a $25 gift certificate to a kids consignment sale!!!


Got to enjoy a snow day watching my niece, and had a nice dinner with my family.

Being back at home, sober, with my family is something that I thank and praise God for every single day!


Woke up with a clear head and no hangover!


A friend of mine was in crisis and I was able to be a good friend and just listen.


My husband came home from work and will be here for the whole weekend😊


Day 72 and im clean x


Woke up and am still sober


Took the kids to Dairy Queen and ate our ice cream outside. Beautiful day!


I finally made a decision on a countertop and all is ordered now, squee!!!


Beat my own personal record for consecutive days without dying.


I can remember what happened last week! Yay!!