One word on how you feel today


It’s not that I can’t really forgive myself from the past, it’s more that my self-esteem is extremely low and that I don’t care about living and rather die, and those sort of crazy thoughts.


Self acceptance far outweighs self esteem. Accept your gift of life, spread it to others. We are measured more on how we treat others, and care about others than we are for our narcissism. Love thyself, that doesn’t mean you have to be in love with yourself.

Learn to accept, and it’s like the puzzle of life begins to take shape and you can glimpse the outcome.


Work is hard… lots of stress…but all my emotional reactions to it (good or bad) are appropriate


Try and pick your self up fella. Go and talk to someone. These thoughts your having are not good. I’m here for you if you wanna personal message me. But please speak to someone.
Life is worth living and can be great.


FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!! My girlfriend messaged me and wanted me to grab wine for her on my way.

When I got to my car, I couldn’t help but reflect on how excited I am that I am not remotely tempted! 60 days ago, I never would have thought this day would come. I had no interest in drinking this at all, she popped it open as soon as I hit the door and when I left I still had no desire for that. I am certainly a changed woman and it’s fucking gorgeous!


Yup, you’re a sober human now. It’s amazing how the desire leaves us. It’s the psychic change at work.

I am comfortable around alcohol now and have been for a long time, I keep my intentions honest and if there’s good reason for me to be in an alcohol environment it’s no problem, thats one of the last lessons I learnt in AA when I was working the program with my sponsor.

Great job.


This is how I’m feeling with 24 days off sobriety. You said it well!




90 days. . Happy




Hey @keoH I think you’re great and I’m very glad you’re here :blush:


Thaanks :smiley:




I feel tired, but a good tired :wink::blush::+1:
I think yesterday I walked around too much so today I’ll do nothing except cooking :heart:
The weather became colder and less sunny here so one more reason to cuddle up and have tea :tea:


Gratitude is a must for my personal happiness. “Wants” make me miserable and lose hope


Cold. My thinking is becoming more egocentric again and I miss gaming (my doc, addiction) a lot


Thank you. :pray:


Cognizant. I can no longer live the deaf, dumb and blind life of an alcoholic. I have to continually work to better myself and the world around me. Staying humble, not going out of my way to step on others toes, daily prayer for the next right choice are all tools I keep sharp in my sobriety. Daily exercise is a proponent too. Mind, body and soul all getting better every day.


Bearded csunfurrys


Feverish & sick