One word on how you feel today


Resounding! All speakers in. Feelings quite dynamic! And loud! It’s Friday, I’m sober, the sun is out and the tunes are up, God is good!


Shots in the ass…sounds like some fun exploratory college years lol


Dude I dunno where you went to school…


School of the hard knocks lol. I did go to ASU for a minute, until drinking became a full time occupation.


I guess you guys do it differently out there


Spose you’ve never heard the cliche lol


'spose not.


Itchy in my brain, little devil


Peaceful …


That’s always annoying, they’ll stop that once they’re spayed though!


I have officially reached day 182.5
That is 6 months. So feeling sooo happy.
Now I’m working down to a year.




Bar-b-que getoffmylawn


Reset :pensive::disappointed_relieved::tired_face::neutral_face::sweat:


Don’t stop stopping. You’ve made the first steps which are to recognise you have a problem and to think about what to do about it. You’ve realised that your health and well-being are really important and that you want to help yourself. Hang on in there :hugs:


If it was as simple as most think, none of us would be on this app on this life raft to the boat of happiness. It’s a hard deal, so keep trying and trying and trying. It’s good you told us, not always easy to admit and many just walk away from the app.

In your own words, why did you drink?




I drink because it’s become a habit. Because I’m sad. Happy. Stressed. I like the buzz. At the same time i HATE. I drink because it’s easier than stopping… And I’m tired… so so tired of the fight


Sounds like it’s time to create new healthy habits, that won’t kill you and cause tons of regrets.

What has drinking cost you? Stopped you from doing/pursuing?

I loved the buzz, didn’t know how to live without it and the feeling of ease it gave me. That was all an illusion though, it just allowed me to feel comfortable in my anger, my inadequacy and gave me a great excuse to blame everyone and everything around me.


Thanks @Li5a I have no intention of giving up the fight. Just feeling very pissed off with myself x