One word on how you feel today


So true @CaptAZ today’s a new day and I think some journal writing and list making is in order.


ECSTATIC! I just got done chairing my first AA meeting, and it’s my four month birthday! I am so greatful!


Drained - working too much, trying to unpack after moving, trying to cope with a dying parent, and finding time to keep up a new relationship.


I feel the same way, and some of the same issues. Working too much, and a dying parent. It sucks. I hope you get some rest soon!


Is Everything ok.


One word on how I feel today



Relieved! Yesterday was probably the most awful day at work since I went back. It was the worst! Hood system over the grill shit the bed and it was nasty in there. The kitchen staff was ready to walk out (understandably) and there were few orders that didn’t have mistakes. Exhaust was billowing through the kitchen and the dining area the whole time and we all had headaches and nausea.

Today is the first day of my weekend and I didn’t get a call from work. So happy to have my two days to myself!


Well gosh darn, happy birthday! :birthday:


Bleeding. I cut my leg at work.


Blah…I’m at work and don’t want to be lol


Blessed beyond my wildest dreams.


Well cudos on surviving the day. What doest kill us will make us stronger. Know that!!!




Calm. :heart: it’s nice…not really sure the last time I actually felt calm.




Fed up…no will power.
getting grouchy when I have a drink. Tired and stress don’t help.


Fragile. Was not feeling well yesterday, nauseous and overall hot. Was outside cleaning up some wiring in my van and nearly throwing up. Finished some and called it a night. When I finally got inside I had to puke, and while puking the wife doscovered the kittens had chewed another charger cord. I lost my temper, snatched the cat up to rub his face in the wire (idiotic I know now) and the cat clawed and bit me which further enraged me. I threw the cat on the bed and was fuming, ready to get rid of them. Went to the couch and chilled, wife did a great job a comforting me and the kitten (lol, but irritated me at the time). I was cordial but distant, not liking what I had done and how quickly my anger had taken control. I was up late, just thinking. Then I hit my knees and asked Him for serenity, he bestowed it and I was blessfully able to sleep. Just shows how far I’ve come and how much farther I need to go, it’s constant work but I believe in the outcome. So thankful for my wifes compassion, she knows how to make this stubborn bull come back to reality.


Happy…even though I’m at work haha I’m feeling really good today, no particular reason but that’s good I guess!


Sweaty buttnugget


I get really upset with myself for how quickly i lose my temper and yell at my kids sometimes, then it keeps me up thinking about how much of an asshole i am, even though i apologize to them and they say its ok, or sorry for being little beasts. I just gotta keep working on my patience.