One word on how you feel today


The fact that you worry about it shows you are a good Dad. Before I became a parent I said I’d never became shouty mummy. But sometimes my son just knows what buttons to press. I amore patient since I don’t have hangovers and he is a big reason why I want to never drink again. But being a parent is hard. As soon as we become one we also have major guilt that we are not good enough. But we are good enough. We are also human beings who have human emotions and reactions.


Absolutely. Patience, cooler heads always prevail. Been a while since I got angry like that




Rambunctious. Got paid, it’s Friday, want to get to the weekend and have free time, hang with the old lady, play with el kidderinos, go swinming. Just bouncy today.


Smelly. Literally like shit bc I was tossing hot dog shitty trash all day. I cannot wait to shower


Fetid, foul, miasmic. Maybe you should hose off out back before hitting the showers.




Reset… yet again. Will not give up though. Staying with 2 of my children at my parents this weekend so going to an AA meeting this arvo. Been a couple of years since I entered those rooms and I’m looking forward to it - walking into those rooms feels like returning back home and I get so much motivation, support and peace while there.
Problem is, where I’ve recently moved to - the area holds only 5 meetings a week- 2 of which are men’s only and the remaining 3 are all at 7pm - useless for a single mum with a baby and school aged kids who go to bed around 7. I really need a meeting a day in early recovery but don’t know how I’m going to be able to do that with meetings being limited in my area. Does anyone know if there are online AA meetings or records that can be accessed?





Thank you @Bill_Phillips


You’re welcome. Now go after it. You can beat this…many before you have. This only proves that it is possible. You have it in you, and we have your back. Just make sure you are active in your sobriety, don’t be afraid to reach out, and by all means, find as many resources as you can. I have a friend who is a single mother and she struggled with getting to meetings. Eventually, she ended up taking the kid with her. She also found out that there was a traveling therapist who would come see her and it was paid for by the State. Anything is possible and plausible. Keep coming back :slight_smile:




That happens sometimes…embrace it :slight_smile:


So, went to my AA meeting this afternoon and it went sooo well. First time ive been back in those rooms for about 6 months… Very emotional! I even pushed myself to share! Topic was ‘unmanageable’ lol. Oh but I managed fine when drinking… :unamused::roll_eyes::lying_face: to the outsider anyway haha. Ah omg the insanity of it all and where alcohol has taken me… and was reminded of just how patient and cunning the alcoholic mind is. Over the past 15 years I’ve had stints of sobriety… 10 years, 9 months, 4 months, 1 month and now 1 day… it will sit there quietly on your shoulder… ever so patiently biding it’s time and waiting for that moment where you start to get complacent/skip meetings/soften the reasons and memories of why you stopped drinking/are you really an alcoholic etc etc. Something has shifted in my head this time around… I know I’m to make it, I will stay in recovery… taking it one hour, one day, hour by hour, day by day… here’s my reward to self - taking my youngest with me for a walk on the beach to feel the sand and water between my toes… nothing like salt, sand and sea therapy - makes my heart sing x


Like I had my daily hit (figuratively). I hope it doesn’t set me back.

Like I need to find worth in doing things by myself. And befriending the solitude.


The same as yours…


Happy fathers day to all you dad’s out there. Have a good one.