One word on how you feel today


Hey, I resemble this remark!


Omg, you found it, yayyyyy!!! Ladies and gentlemen, thus is my bestest girlfriend!!!


However, you will have to show me how to use this app… I’m soooooo lost!


It’ll happen for a while. And now you will truly understand why I am always showing you shit on here and laughing so often at my phone! :heart:


Depressed - between my mom dying and my dad talking about dying, I am really struggling these days.


Exhausted. Spent the all evening riding on my skateboard all along the seaside… with a bottle of water in my bag. Good time for sleeping now :relieved:


Omg, so sorry girl, thinking of you. Hugs!


Thank you. I not sure right now if it is a good or bad thing that I am sober lol


I promise in the end, you’ll see it’s a good thing but I totally understand where you’re coming from. It’s so hard to deal with it!


It really sucks!!


Stronger! :blush:


A bit desperate, A bit hopeful, a bit nervous




Felt stressed today at work but I’m feeling calm and happy now :slight_smile:


Eeeewwwwwww. That’s it.


I feel CLEAN!




Determined…and proud… my friend at work is on day 3 and she said she thought about drinking but then she thought about me and that I motivated her to keep going. We are going to do this together and I’m so excited to have someone that I can do this with that I can hang out with and do sober activities with!


Tired… extremely tired.


Feelin’ slim. My foot was good enough to gety walking in today, for that I am grateful. Hopped on the scale when I got home for shits and gigs and it said 226.6lbs, a new low, 6 pounds away from my original goal weight. Whoop whoop. I then proceeded to eat a pound of ribeye steak and a huge “fatboy” salad so now I’m totally satisfied with my day.