One word on how you feel today


Tired all day


I’m feelin chill


Nervous. Today I am having an arthrogram on my hip done today.
First I’m not a fan of needles going into my joints like that and 2nd MRIs and I don’t mix well.
This is going to be like a 3 hour appointment from the time they start putting the dye in my hip until I am done.
That’s way to long for me. Lol


How are you doing now? Have things improved? Just thinking of you and @Lillithlane. It’s so hard to be in that position, I’m so proud of you both for staying sober in such hard times, you’re inspiring to me!


Hugs, I can imagine that’s not up there in the fun scale at all. Deep breaths, you’ve been thru worse and you’ve got this!!


Will be thinking about you today, I hope everything goes well!


Hi MandiH . Thank you so much for the follow up! My husband and I have been arguing for 3 straight days. It’s been quite rough on my psyche. I’m emotionally drained and had some strong cravings today. But I distracted myself and forced myself to go food shopping. Lol. I made it through another day while ti could feel the devil tapping me on my shoulder. If I had to choose one word for today. It would be “relieved.” Relieved I fought the strongest cravings in a long time and won! How are you doing???


Clean & sober


Sore muscles


Working out?


The satisfied kind!


It was probably fighting off all the ladies because he was looking so dapper in his suit this morning


Oh? The man had a suit on, huh?
Well well!


Like a bad ass…lol!


Tired :confused:



10 characters lol






Trapped. Cagged. Locked up in this mind that wants to destroy me. I want to be free


Anything we can help with?