One word on how you feel today


SOBER! And that’s a great thing!


I will neither confirm nor deny out of sincere respect for any JW members on the forum… Ooops… did I just confirm and not deny? Plays @naturehippy77 “get out of jail free card”. I know their manual like the back of my hand and have reached the City of Refuge and have been pardoned… So yeah, nuff said :rainbow::unicorn: I’ve forgiven it all and have let it go… but when they come knocking at my door, I’ll continue to knock on their hearts in hope One day, they’ll hear the beat.

John (and the Beatles) said it best “all you need is LOVE” (1 John 4:8) and (Beatles Greatest Hits) :headphones:


I agape you @Charlesfreck with my whole heart, mind, and soul. :purple_heart:



I have forgotten more about the jw then most will ever know … message me sometime if u even need to talk … it is a lot but u can only do so much some of it I just have to let go … I know I lost my whole family


It was the wording or your original comment . Never ceases to amaze me how many people have been let down the wrong path by the supposedly word of God.


… and how many like myself are kept against their will. I tried to leave but was prevented “time, times, and half a time” again. I’ve been being silenced by their ‘headship’ arrangement since I was two and ‘forced’ to do things against my will, character, and morals… all in the name of ehem

Thank you for your validation. It means more to me than you know.


Keep the faith … YOUR FAITH is the only true religion and what’s in your heart is all that matters … was it a trigger for u today or just a reminder of a past life …


I am not sure if y can private message on this site or not but if this ever becomes a trigger for u again pls message if y ever want to talk about it … never know it might do us both good . I hope Youhave a good nite :heart:


Entertained. Just got home from a concert.


Tired :sleeping: AGAIN, stupid medication some days I’m full of energy other days I’m awake two hours and need to go back to bed


Who did u see ?


Pentatonix. Does not need to hand in man card, cuz I did it for a girl.


Best reason ever :wink:




Hangover and shaky




Connected. Intune. Natural. I couldn’t pick just one lol


Frustrated. Deep breathing my way to a new mood. New day tomorrow :woman_shrugging:



Been another run of the mill day in the life of sobriety. Woke up hangover free, with money in my pocket, kids in their rooms, wife by my side. Got to the park, got a hair cut with my boy, cooking up some tbones for dinner for me and like a psuedo calzone for the kids. Can’t ask anymore from life. I have everything I need to succeed.


Lost. Complete relapse this week.