One word on how you feel today


Sad - overwhelmingly sad




Hang in there girl. He won’t throw anything at you that you can’t handle.

I feel for you.



I know it is 2 words. 130 AF, 10 nicotine free too. Realize neither substance is going to help


I’ll admit it…I do like me some ABBA. Liked Ace of Base too, back in the day.

Huge Runaways fan, from back then too, and L7.

Then again, I think Haddaway was an underrated singer, so there’s that.


Overwhelmed. System glitches and customer issues. A whole storm of them.


Thank you!! I really don’t know how much more I can handle though :disappointed:


A man who can admit he likes ABBA :raised_hand:
Telling ya, you can’t listen to Waterloo and Mama Mia and stay in a bad mood


Do you have people with whom you can share your grief? I ask because I made the mistake of grieving by myself, seeking solace in solitude and alcohol. Didn’t work out too well for me.


I know that feeling. Everyone tells me to just be patient. :persevere: I’m 48, never married, haven’t had a girlfriend since 1997. Yeah, I do feel completely unlovable. :cry:
But I’m not going to drink over it. Not anymore.


I have amazing family, boyfriend, sponsor. But I tend to withdrawal. I am trying my best not to.


That is good. Resist the temptation to withdraw. Share your pain. You’ll get through the grief a bit faster, and your relationship with those sharing this walk will be stronger. I have added you to my prayer list, and you will be prayed over.


Excited (I’m end stage of detox)


Abba … only if no one can see me lol but I am a big hip fan :heart:


Thank you!





I just dont want to do anything I should be doing. Instead I’m watching Netflix and painting my apartment. Meanwhile, I’m getting overwhelmed by the to-do list I’m not addressing (work related), and getting stressed out. And then I’ll just continue this avoid-stress-distraction cycle until I wake the hell up or something else. On a good note, I can say that today I sort of felt like I was ‘taking back’ an experience I wanted to do by myself that I didn’t (my co-dependent friend was there to ‘help me’ when I moved in a year ago when I was at my worst, thereby inadvertantly robbing me of my sense of control and accomplishment). It’s painting my apartment, and I did feel good today about the creative process I’m taking to redecorate, clean out and reorganize. He is also a hoarder and doesn’t hear me when I express my wishes unless they align with his need to give/take care/try too hard. When I moved in I told him I wanted to minimize my belongings, so instead if hearing that, he kept bringing me stuff - clothes, shoes, repeats of stuff I already had, stuff I wanted to get for myself. No matter how many times I asked him to stop giving me stuff, he kept doing it. I punted him from my life a few weeks ago and immediately bagged up all the crap he gave me to get rid of. Anyway, sorry for the rant. Still working through these changes while simultaneously dealing with some of the same patterns I’m trying to break that hold me back. And wondering if I’m sinking into depression, too. I’m all over the place today.


Just kinda meh. Not bad not good. Just existing…that in itself is kinda depressing. But I am going to a meeting tomorrow so that’s something to look forward to. Stay strong peeps :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:


I felt FULFILLED today. :heart: