One word on how you feel today


Thinking happy vibes for you. I was in my head a little today, maybe it’s just the moon or something. :new_moon_with_face::rocket:


Tired !!!








raw I guess,.?



But happy and focused ( incase you took it wrong ) !


Minimum counts annoying lol


Anxious :neutral_face::neutral_face:


Anxious :cry::cry:


supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-now my word to make the minimum letter count.


Damn you! Now it will be playing in my head for all eternity :joy:

“It’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious”…

Well I forgive you. For now :blush:
Take care!


Healed. Feeling like I have no problem and could just go out and poison myself with clear conscience. Still I know it’s not true.


Oh that tricky and cunning alcoholism voice is a bitch. Your inner being knows better, stay with us on this side of the sober fence! :heart:



My little guy down with a bug since Sunday. Hope he is feeling better tomorrow. We have been cooped up in the house and starting to feel a little nutty. I -think- this is my 3rd day in a row in my uniform of my husband’s Batman t-shirt and my sweats.

Going to take some time out for a bath when and if he naps. But for now… heroic.



My boy cleaned off my car this morning so I didn’t have to! Yes, he’s wearing shorts to do it, I was honestly shocked he wore his coat! :rofl:


Ready 4 Change


It is, although for me it is more drug addict voice. I guess they are identical twins :grin:


They really are! It’s that addictive voice, just the vices may be a bit different.


Apprehensive but hopeful!