One word on how you feel today


Hopeful :sparkles: :flags:


feeling a little better about things?




Bratty …


Everyday is a new day with how I feel lol but my frame of mind is feeling a little stronger and I think I’m on the right path of acceptance. Thanks Chris, how are you today?



Day 10 of alcohol and klonopin withdrawals. Even with tapering its been rough.


Indeed it is, the sun still rises and sets and hopefully brings a little more good to each day.
Im doing ok, some good, some not so good
But everday is another chance at it… one smile a day or one good shot on the golf course, thats all it takes to keep going…


I just woke up, checked some Instagram stuff and found an article that says that there are 88.000 deaths / year linked to alcohol in the US.
I was curious and checked how high this number in Germany is. It’s 74.000 :no_mouth: We have a population of ca 82.000.000. The US has 327.000.000 . That’s hard.


Content. I’m finally getting comfortable in my own skin with the way my life is.




Irritated. Went to Palm Sunday Mass tonight, the priest was obviously drunk. Reminded me of old Irish priest in the parish I grew up in.


Today is my first Saturday clean in I don’t know how long. I get paid every Saturday and by Sunday I would usually be broke. My DOC had a tight grip on me. I am worried that I may not be strong enough to overcome the urges that I keep feeling inside. I almost feel heartbroken, I keep telling myself that I can’t fail, that I love myself to much to use again. I also love my sons to much too. That feels better I put it out there, lol thank you all


Worried or confused.




Pained - headache again :frowning:


Excited! (winter is here…)


Upbeat and alert.


How about a Bitmoji instead.

T-minus 3 hours until I can pass TF out.


Pensive. Almost went to the grocery store, headed for a relapse. Didn’t. Kept on driving. But it could have gone either way, and that’s making me think about more tools in the toolbox…