One word on how you feel today






On a sugar high
9 days sober. 3 evenings Ben and Jerrys. Something else to quit :-). Hoping this is just a faze.




I packed in some ice cream at the beginning. Go with it. It will taper with time.




Feeling weak. Almost 3 days sober…


Your body and brain are working hard to heal themselves at this stage, and adjusting to this new path. It can use up lots of energy and make us feel weak. Be kind to your body and make sure your needs are being met, to help it along during this difficult period. As long as you do not pick up, this stage of healing will let you become stronger to continue facing the challenges of recovery. If you’ve got supports and coping skills in your toolbox, they help. Hang in there, bringing back the sober you is worth it! And welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Today Im starving lol


Sad about the foolish things I’ve done to myself and others.





Which is just fine…


Amen Silas!!!






Last day of work today, off next week, sober, yeah. :blush:


Feeling destroyed. Had to deliver some awful news to someone today just want to finish work and curl up in bed


Hugs to you.:hugs:


Thank you nice bath after work and some sort of comedy to try cheer me up :slight_smile: oh and takeaway tonight too!


That sounds wonderful…think you just inspired me with my Friday evening plans.:pray: