One word on how you feel today


I don’t have a plan as such. Read over my list of reasons for stopping. Going to clean my house and think about going to bed with a cup of tea later. Can’t go to bed with a cup of tea if I’m drunk! I need to replace the feeling with something else. Thanks Chad


Yeah just get out of that frame of mind until it passes.


A bit calmer. Will come back later if I wobble again. :rainbow:


Depressed and lonely


Sending you virtual warmth and well wishes.


Sorry to hear that Jason. I know from your posts u have recently experienced a significant loss. I can tell u, even without having experienced that loss, “depressed and lonely” is a common description I apply to myself.

Have u been doing anything to fill that void? That’s gonna be a key component in moving forward through your cycle of grief and onward through your sobriety.

Everything in life is a cycle, you’ve been hit hard at the front end of this and u certainly feel hopeless, but things will improve, u just have to learn how to move with that loss and progress through the process.


Prosperous :heart:


Empowered :muscle:t4:


6 days Cannibis (This is my actual addiction)
4 Tobacco
8 Alcohol

One word…MINDBLOWN…i never thought I’d make it passed 2 days. Yaya :hugs::hugs:


@Swam I always knew u would :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For today relieved. I’ve been really stressed and today felt okay.


Right on girl!! Keep going!


Better… :muscle:t5:




A feeling of mild anxiety.
School starts again today after two weeks of rest and relaxation. During the last break (summer) I was teetotal, only to start drinking again after the first day of school. I am aware of some triggers here. I made a plan for when I come home. It all feels so overwhelming at the moment. Breathing in.


Hang in there! You are stronger than you think :muscle::muscle:
Sing with me… I am a superwoman :notes:


I am at work. I feel terribly overwhelmed and vulnerable. My students will arrive at 1:00 PM.
Taking some alone time in my classroom.


Chill, me time in bath :grin: Day 25


Irritable…dear God is an alcohol free me just an irritable man? Oh dear


I hope your day is ok