One word on how you feel today


Feeling ok. You don’t have to be stuck in the same situations. We can exclude ourselves from them. And continue with any progress we make. Nothing or no one has to be a reason or a trigger for your mistakes. We all make them. It’s how we deal with them that defines us as individuals.
We can do this. We have got the strength. Commitment and determination in side us all.
Continue all with the great progress your making.


Limbo. Searching for an answer/truth. Denial, fog, misremembering. Was it really so bad? YES.


Peaceful. I had a delicious meal and now enjoying a good coffee.


Worn. Working hard and happy though that I got this far! 50 days today!


Thankful. Hanging out with my drinking side of the family and no one had had a beer yet. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: The amount of support I’m receiving is amazing.



Happy to finally be crawling into bed. At 9.30pm. On a Saturday night :joy: looking forward to waking up fresh in the morning to take my little girl swimming.


Present! Feeling happy and loved and enjoying my 3 day weekend. :t_rex:


Ragged. Anxiety started off low today, has been a rollercoaster since. Haven’t had cravings this bad since detox.


I like this quote thank you



First day of school holidays. Swimming this morning then the day at a Safari Park followed by a few rides on the little theme park there. Amazing to spend some quality alone time with the daughter. Struggling to stay awake and it’s 4.30pm :joy:


Tired and :nauseated_face: I think I ate something wrong, having water with lime now and it helps a little…ugh…


Stupid is how I feel today.






My word is ‘shit’


Confused and excited.

Confused because it is 68 degrees (and getting warmer) outside.

Excited because it is 68 degrees (and getting warmer) outside.



Amazing :blush: :heart_eyes_cat:


little better


Miserable feeling why should I bother


Better. Each day better.