Our quitting of cigarettes thread


Ha. It’s oderless brotha. But I’m not in a place right now to go cold turkey. I know that’s the alcoholic in me talking but I don’t care. There is to much stress in my life right now to go cold turkey.


I’m with @MissJ. My husband and I both became suicidal on Chantix. Be very aware of your mental state while taking that.


Thanks for all the feedback folks! Today went well. I thought about buying a pack for about 10 seconds😉 Then I prayed about it and that thought was gonezo


I do have that stuff covered under my insurance. I’ll pick some stuff up next week


Nicotine replacements did not work for me ever. How I quit:
0) Smoked a pack a day for 30 years. I started young .

  1. Got sober, which had to come first because my smoking was probably 3x heavier while drinking.
  2. 3 years later I could not take a drag without a 5 minute coughing fit. Literally could not smoke anymore.
  3. Chantix and the 12 steps.
  4. I ate more than ever, got to my heaviest, but since 2/14/08 I have had no tobacco.
  5. in 2009 I started at a gym, then ran a 5k in 2010, got obsessed with that and now I do triathlons.

I discovered that I used smoking to deal with anger. That’s the character defect part of that addiction that the steps helped me to correct,

The very best of luck to you @Gabe.G


Wow. It’s scary to hear so many saying this of Chantix. You see these ads where they throw out disclaimers like, “may cause explosive diarrhea, heart attack, suicidal thoughts, or death” and I can’t help but think these are not side effects! Not to be taken lightly.

I forgot that in college the clinic tried to help me quit smoking too. Since Zyban wasn’t covered they gave wellbutrin instead. Very similar, they said.

At the time it kind of helped. Wasn’t even suggested a book to read though and was back to it a few weeks after finishing. Also gained a bunch of weight despite still exercising. A neighbor who took it for depression had to tell me that was a known side effect. :roll_eyes:


Serenity now!

Good on ya, @Gabe.G. :muscle:


Yaaaayyyyy! Get it girl!


I was similar to you. Started very young. Didnt smoke as long, but i Smoked 1.5 packs a day, and more if i was out at the bar. Quit the first time cold turkey at 25, stsrted jogging to not gain weight.

Started up again 2 years later while drinking with an asshole friend who wouldnt stop offering. Smoked agian for 2 years. Quit again cold turkey and started cycling. Raced a few years and havent looked back in 12 years.

What distance triathalons do you do? Ive worked at a few tri specific shops part time the past 10 years as a mechainc.

Youll get it Gabe!! Mind over matter.

I did some deep breathing exercises when i had super strong urges. Something about them releasing the same chemicals in the brain that nicotine does or some shit like that.


I’m a sprint guy. I did one race this year at in between distances,.75 miles, 19 and 4 miles. So I am considering doing my first Oly next year. If my knees hold out!

Deep breathing helped me with cravings, too. The act of drawing air deep into the lungs, holding and exhaling is the exact same behavior as smoking, so any result of that muscular action can be replayed.

Just like with the booze, whatever we think will work, will work. And the opposite too.

I feel grateful for the folks in this forum this morning. Peace to you all.


@Gabe.G How’s this project going?


It’s going very well! Still vaping away.



Hell yeah Brother!!! You and @anon37742172 are sure helping me out here😉


n j


Hey!!! Sorry I haven’t been on in a while…my app was not loading this chat for a few days…all seems well now? But I’d thought I’d chime in with the fact that I’m quitting cigs too!! Go @Gabe.G ! And @anon37742172 and @Bears515054 …well…and really all of us who are making healthier choices for our lives by abstaining from whatever harms us. Love to you all fighting the good fight tonight!
Much Love,



No unfortunately. Still ol chimney stack over here.


Day 3-10 are my worst. It is usually when my wife caves and buys me a tin. But feeling totally woke this time, and know I get no benefit from it. So onward I go.


I changed the title :wink:


Am on day 27. Using the patches. Have gone down to step 2 early because I kept forgetting to put the patch on and making it through most of the day ok. Feeling slightly higher background stress levels and pretty sure this is nicotine related so going to stick it out and wait for it to pass! Morning yoga, lunchtime walk and walk after work is also helping.