Our quitting of cigarettes thread


I tried quitting the dip cold turkey. On the third day without nicotine, my brain literally locked up. I couldn’t complete a thought. My wife was worried, thinking I might be having a stroke.

I got the lozenges, and followed the directions to the letter. If you go with the lozenges, get the mini’s as opposed to the big ones. The store was out of the mini’s one time, when I needed a refill, so I got the regular sized ones. Something in them gave me the worst flatulence. Not stinky…just windy. I was like the brass section in a marching band.

I have found that the target brand is the cheapest, and next cheapest is the CVS brand.


Cold turkey day 3 Kodiak :cowboy_hat_face:. Do not want to do nicotine replacement, since every other attempt has been with logenzes and gum. Hoping mind set is right to be done with it.


Have to start somewhere! :relieved:
Have cut down over recent weeks just using patches. Have started patches and lozenger combination therapy today…
Hoping today will be the day that I can totally knock it on the head for good? Going to give it a good go anyway.
See how we go. :crossed_fingers:


Wishing you good luck, fair winds and following seas.


The gum and lozenges both did that to me too. Although flatulence is putting it mildly in my case. Thought it might be from possibly swallowing nic, but hadn’t thought of chew, etc. :thinking:

Anyway, did the patch instead which helped a lot at the time. And no gas.


Day 4 and I know what they mean by getting your taste buds back. But they didn’t warn me I would be eating shit all day at work. So far so good, decided awhile ago no job/stress is worth poisoning myself, and that my current boss is totally not worth keeping myself down in the cycle of addiction, having more fun forcing the passive aggressive jackass to deal with me.


Hey Gabe. Congrats on deciding to quit smoking. This is a topic in which you will find many different opinions on what works and what doesn’t. It can be very different from person to person what methods work. For me I smoked for close to 18 years. About a pack a day. I tried everything. Nicotine replacements ie: vaping and the patch didn’t work for me. I always ended up back on the smokes. Long story short. Me and 2 of my friends who were also heavy smokers went and had laser therapy done. We are 3 years smoke free. Best decision I ever mad. That and quit drinking of coarse! Lol. Good luck. Message me for more details.


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How’s everyone holding up smoke free? I just hit my one month :dancer: forgot to put patch on yesterday morning and had a bit of a meltdown in the afternoon, very deep where the fuck is my life going kind of meltdown, but levelled out again once I put my patch on.


I’m good on the smoking. Been probably four months now?

And yikes! You doing alright?


I’m fine now. I had a moment where I was like right so come back to the present, focus on now, where are you now… And I’m like I’m just crying in bed. It was as funny as it was tragic at the time. Then I put my patch on and it got better pretty soon after.

I often find that I have a bit of a mood crash after I’ve started having some breakthroughs and feeling good about the way things are going. It’s pretty interesting. Nicotine deprivation exacerbates this x1000


Oh my, yes. And who needs a revelation? I cried at the movies after a really good joke when I quit. Then came home and drowned it out. Good on you for sticking to the program. What step patch are you at this week?

This a breakthrough you want to talk about?


When I say breakthroughs I just mean the kind of stuff I say to you. Like finding acceptance and then being in a place to take more positive action for myself. In my case I am taking control of one of my voluntary commitments which is quite demanding, I had just shut down from it due to stress and now am getting back on to it, doing what I can. I’m managing to walk 2 - 4 miles a day and I’m back at yoga classes, as well as feeling good from doing the 30 day yoga challenge. I even sat down and made a start on my MSc project on Friday which I have been putting off for 18 months :see_no_evil:

I think there’s just something in my brain when I start feeling good about things that kicks in, like a nagging doubt, what’s it all for… Etc. But I have noticed this happening as a bit of a pattern and I’m getting better at recognising it and accepting that too!

Am on stage 2 of the patches, I took myself down early. So I think I’ve got another few weeks to go and then will be down to stage 3 and then nicotine free :raised_hands:


Just hit a week yesterday…I’m super proud of myself! Now that I got that out of the way…


I’m still ready happy I’m free from smoking, but man, it’s been a struggle. Thank you for checking in! I turned preeeetty bitchy four days in and cravings haven’t mellowed…yet.

I downloaded Alan Carr’s Easy Way To Quit Smoking so that’s good. His alcohol book has definitely been a helpful part of my recovery. So, I’m plugging along and feeling good about my choice. How’s everyone else doing???
Much Love,


Are you using any patches or lozenges or anything like that?


Ah shit. Well done for getting back on it though! Are you just going cold turkey?


Still on it, today is day 6…cold turkey. Having using dreams, but out fishing without it and so far so good.


I have so much admiration for you going cold turkey. Well done on 6 days!


Wow, that sounds like a lot of positive changes all at once. For each we set out with a clear goal in mind. Ha, like writing the MSc. In grad school I don’t remember a single thesis written on time, my own included.

That nagging doubt is so insidious. Getting to the end then maybe the end isn’t what we imagined. Is it ever, though? I’m glad to hear you’re finding acceptance anyway and following through. Situations change, and maybe we have to too without dwelling too much.


Nopers…just the cold turkey approach! You?