Our quitting of cigarettes thread


Sup pals! so I’m trying to quit smoking after 25 years. I have never tried to quit before. I have been thinking about a lot over the past couple months. I mean, I have young children man. I have to be around as long as I can.

Recap of my journey. I got a vape for my birthday on September 3rd. I started using it right away. My wifey knows me pretty well. So she got me the Tobacco flavor with the max amount of nicotine. Lol.

I finished the half pack I had left on September 4th and didn’t smoke again till like the 8th. Bummed 2 smokes. Then got a pack on a stressful morning this week. Smoked em all that day.

Then I bummed one today at work. So that’s when I started my timer. I don’t intend on bumming or buying any more.

Feel free to comment expirience, strength and hope on quitting smoking here.

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Nicotine gum helped me years ago, so I sure wish you every success! Only advice, apply the same principles as your program & should you slip, reach for the vape vs. actual cigarettes :hugs:


Never smoked before, but I’ve heard that mouthwash and grapefruit juice help keep your pallet clean so you dont crave.


So much smoking.

I quit for a while with the patch once. It might have stuck if I’d tried any of the groups or counseling they recommend as they do for any addiction.

It was interesting in how it gave time to break the psychological addiction first. Realizing when it was “time for a smoke” that I didn’t actually have a craving, so maybe I should do something else. When it then came time to taper it was pretty easy.

Final time was actually vaping first. Then realizing I was actually taking in more nicotine, so I slowed down on that until I stopped as well.

It wasn’t long later I joined this forum to quit drinking and the same thinking here has helped stay smober (smoke sober, @Ninetales :rofl:).


Way to go Gabe…proud of you.


I’m gonna try to jump on the non smoker wagon with you.


I started smoking again earlier this year. I was going through a bought of real misery and smoking helped. Then went on to vaping. Then switched between smoking and vaping. Like @Eke I feel like my nicotine intake went up when vaping - I didn’t smoke in the house or car so vaping just made it easier to get more nicotine any time. Also being in the habit of inhaling something made it feel really easy to switch to cigarettes when feeling stressed etc

I quit smoking before using patches and I’m back on it again. Had a couple of very emotional weeks even with the patches but have ridden it out and now seem to be settling down a bit.


That sounds disgusting :joy:


I was A 60 aday guy full strength capstan , but iwas going to gym and one had to go so i was a year sober and the gym worked long time ago now ,


The lozenges helped me quit dipping.


Gabe, the nicotine gum helped me quit 20 years ago. I’m not sure I would have made it without it. I also made sure to have mints, gum, etc. with me all the time.

Think of all the money you will save - and how much healthier you will be! Awesome!


Go #TeamSmober (stealing that one @Eke :joy:)


Nicotine gum helped me. regular gum and mints also in between.

I don’t know what you have as Far as Health Insurance but most of them if it’s thru work will give you the patches/ gum/ Chantix Free or at a very low price compared to the Store


Chewing gum!! Any time I feel the urge to smoke I chew gum instead. My big thing is being around other people who smoke, it’s a huge trigger. I have to remove myself from the situation. Quitting smoking sucks more than quitting drinking for me sometimes.


I quit for years and then dabbled again and had to go through the whole process twice.

I can’t do it without patches and I’m religious about them. Wake up, put a patch on immediately. I tried other ways and it just wasn’t possible for me.

As far as Chantix, if you decide to try it please take the warnings about suicidal thoughts seriously. I took it for a few days and my brain was just like “this is a thing you need to do”. Like I wasn’t upset or sad it was just … A need I felt. So be careful with that and know that it’s a serious side effect please :heart:


You dont use them together obviously.


@MissJ…Agreed about Chantix, it’s not for everyone.
I quit once using it in 3 days. Not because I didn’t want to smoke but because it made Cigs taste terrible and the Dreams I had were very disturbing and vivid


Yeah it’s an absolute miracle for some people and for me it was not. I always encourage people to try it, but know the risks and know to stop taking it if things get weird.


I quit five years ago using this app. Tip: Dump the vap, go cold turkey. Suck it up. Stop smelling like a fucking ashtray.


Agreed here. Unsolicited advice from a friend of people who’ve quit. Clean everything up. Throw away ashtrays, coffee cans, etc. If you smoked in your car, get it detailed. Change your routine, if you were a routine smoker. Trash the vape too. Research is getting more clear that vaping is bad for you as well.