Partner drinks and hangs out in bars

I need advice, from your experience, is it possible to stay with a spouse that is a daily drinker and wants to be in the bar all the time? My husband doesnt support me at all, i just want him to have my back. Thanks for any advice

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Thats always a tough situtation. I guess you have this fight through this without your partner. But i am sure once he sees that you are fighting a good fight he will support you. Good luck

No you need his support at a very important time. At least for awhile.

In my mind, this is the only sentence that matters, and so my answer is resoundingly, no. Whether or not he drinks, and whether or not you drink, a partner who is not supportive in any way is no partner at all.


Im in a similar situation. She says she supports me and she deff doesn’t ever go to the bar, but I just feel like she misses having a beer with me or wine or getting drunk at the house together. I am in no way going to drink, I have no desire too and she isn’t pressuring me to, I just sense a different vibe from her now. But she will have to get used to it and if anything Im just gonna take care of myself and live my best life with or without her and hopefully itll all fall together when she sees how much happier I am not drinking. One day at a time - from this day forward

No. It’s no good. He’s clearly a problem drinker and will, at best, resent you being sober, and at worst impede your efforts. Sorry, but problem drinkers want everyone around them drinking heavily to normalise their own problem drinking. I’m in recovery and also worked in bars and pubs for twenty years. I’ve seen it a thousand times.

What does “support” mean to you? It’s important to know what that means. If it means he quits drinking too that might be asking too much. If it’s being respectful of your decision and not trying to get you to drink with him, then hell yes he should support you.