People in Recovery and Plants!

Beautiful @TMAC

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I thought I had lost all of my tradescantia zebrina when I left it out and there was a frost overnight. I had taken the big bowl shaped pot out for the summer but also transplanted a bit into a hanging planter with other fall foliage. Well that bit survived! I brought the planter into the garage and then forgot about it for over a week. Went and saw my pretty “wandering dudette” was looking gorgeous, so now she has a pretty pot of her own and is safely inside.


In my country we call thes little plants “levende steentjes” (living stones). I had them sometimes but they always died :disappointed_relieved:

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That’s a pretty common name for them here as well.

You’re not alone in that, until this attempt I had stayed away from them for nearly 2 years because they’re so sensitive. My little joke is that if you sneeze in the same room as them at the wrong time of year, they’re over-watered.


Ha ha :rofl: Exactly!

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Been on a total plant bender lately.
I just say I’m doing my part to support local businesses.
Got these first 3 over the weekend.

Aloe erinacea
Shoutout to the cool rock I found to pair with it

Euphorbia ammak variegata
I have a standard e. ammak (dark green), but the variegated ones are just so cool. They are often marbled in appearance, which this one has spots of, but ultimately it’s nearly completely white/very light green. Couldn’t say no.

Haworthia reticulata

One of my lithops arrangements also began blooming

Really proud of this photo in particular

Lastly, there was a neighborhood plant swap in my 'hood on Saturday morning. I brought 13 or 14 plants to give away.
Mine were all gone in 15 minutes, lol. Several went to kids, which is pretty cool. Felt good to spread some joy (and, perhaps selfishly, to free up some real estate in my greenhouse, heh)

EDIT to say - the one in the middle in this photo is NOT La Gordita. I’d never let her go. Same species of plant, but a lesser specimen.


It’s so nice to see your plants again! They are beautiful as always and I’m glad you added the edit cause I was totally gonna ask :laughing:

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Thelocactus Rinconsensis Freudenbergeri

Not new, got it about a year/year and a half ago. Wasn’t coming out of winter dormancy so I repotted it in…August?
Now it’s waking up and sporting new growth…but will just go right back into dormancy shortly, lol. Just means she has a head start on next growing season.

Another “new pot, who dis?”
Aloe “Raspberry Ruffles” (does not have a Latin name as it was created in cultivation, not a naturally-occuring plant).
Started off as one plant a year ago, has grown into multiple offsets with super vibrant color. Repotted this weekend into the cool pot I got for free out of the plant swap last weekend. Needed something blue-ish to look good in this pot, think it works great.

This one is new.
Fenestraria Rhopalophylla - “Baby Toes”
I have stayed away from these for my entire 10 years or so growing plants. They’ve a reputation for being very temperamental, but I caved and decided to give 'em a whirl. Too cool not too.
Got this awesome bowl from a local antique mall and drilled a few holes in the bottom.



I really love your collection, I can imagine it would be lovely to see in person! Like a specialist botanical garden :house_with_garden:


If you ever find yourself in southern Arizona, admission is free! :joy:


Hi all,

New here and am so happy to find this thread! I love plants and find that taking care of them keeps me occupied and watching their growth is so rewarding.

You all have beautiful babies! :potted_plant:

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Hi Kate,

Welcome, post some of your green babies if you want.

I’m the one with only green fingertips, on one hand, sometimes :triumph:


Haha. Same here. I have a few and want a million more, but I’m not the best plant mom out there. Glad I found this thread though! :smiling_face:

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Just a couple of my plant babies that are still alive! :seedling::cactus::potted_plant:


Love your sansevieria and your little aloes!

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Thank you! :potted_plant:

My first attempt at Hydroponic herb growing update

Seeds planted oct 23…so a lil more than 5 weeks

Cilantro and basil are growing like crazy

Watched a youtube and harvested a few nodes of basil for dinner tonight!