People in Recovery and Plants!

Update on this Dragon Tail I butchered and repotted recently. Repotting has definitely slowed the growth that it was in the middle of but I see progress so thats good.

On the side of the cuttings I just stuck in the soil… not sure. One of them got very wilted very quickly so I put it in water, recently it sprouted a juicy white root out of the water… when it got to the water it went dark so must have been an aerial root. I dont know. They all went black when they went in the water. BUT IT IS BUDDING SOMETHING INTERESTING!!!

And I do see some potential roots starting… microscopic though.

And there is yumy new growth on the main stalk that I took the cutting from.


Finally went in on a pachypodium, “Madagascar Palm”. From Madagascar, if you can believe that.

Already has 2 heads and growing a 3rd. Also sprouting a new limb at the base, teeeny right now.

You need special thick kevlar gloves to handle it. This is a MEAN tree :joy:
If someone breaks into my place, I’m grabbing this guy.

I’ll be able to plant it outside at my future house and it will grow ENORMOUS.


I’m wincing and in pain just looking at it :sweat_smile:

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Went out for milk today and came home with another new addition, its colours just made me feel so warm and happy :green_heart::orange_heart: Philodendron “prince of orange” - highlight of my weekend will be finding a new pot for it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sweat_smile:


It’s already gotten me once. I’m a very tactile person so I touch my plants all the time, can’t really help it.

Most, if they get you, feel like a quick prick and adrenaline rush.
This one feels like you’ve been punched or crushed. Like…my hand throbbed for about 10 minutes.

I love it.


Haha not sure if you’re saying you love the pain as well as the plant :laughing:
How enormous is enormous? I googled some pics and they look like they would
make a striking statement piece in the yard when afew are grouped together, might have to buy afew more!

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20 ft tall (6 meters) when planted outdoors, which I plan to do. Total beast.

It’ll create offshoots on its own (one has already begun) so it will become a gnarly cluster of trees over time.

Should scare off and/or maim any pesky neighborhood kids and door-to-door salespeople.

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I potted the Bill W cuttings yoday and passed one along to a sponsee who reached 6 months clean today. :clap:

Oh, and my Marble Queen Pothos decided she wanted to give my Dragon tail a run for its money…


…what are you going to be? :thinking:





New pottery from México arrived in the shop last week. I held out for a week, but just couldn’t resist this one. New home for my 2nd plant I bought after moving here.

And a new (baby) pachypodium lamerei, since I’m so obsessed with the big one I got a couple weeks ago.

~1yr old vs ~5yrs old

Word is the owner of the shop was out in CA the last few days and is coming back today with tons and tons of new stuff. Today could be a very expensive day.


They weren’t kidding when they said lots of new plants arriving.


Some premium oxygen available in that shop lol

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More new plants…I stood no chance today, although there were plenty others I wanted so some restraint was used :sweat_smile:

I keep my plant budget at half my part-time job check, maximum. Thankfully the employee discount is great. So…TREAT YOSELF.

Walking through the store today among our hundreds of new tropical plants had me feeling like I was in “Predator”.

Pachira Aquatica, AKA Money Tree

Adenium Obesum, AKA Desert Rose! Such amazing plants. I’ve been eyeballing our big ones but they’re all ~$75. We got baby ones in so I jumped on it! One which can be planted outside once I have a yard to do it in, so consider it an investment. Yes, that’s what we’ll call it.


Oh god… I would die. Over and over again daily.

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Update on flower #1

And there is a #2


Oooooh her new leaf is massive. :drooling_face:


Ten characters


Got another baby desert rose yesterday.

The one I got last weekend will produce white flowers. Yesterday’s purchase, red flowers.

Trying to figure out if I want to let them grow unchecked into big, mighty trees…or if I want to bonsai them :thinking:

And this pachypodium a customer bought yesterday had me majorly jealous. What a beauty.