Pod Cast? What's your fave?

I have an hour commute each day so I listen to podcasts like TedTalks Dr.Drew and Marc Maron This American Life Radio Lab and wonder if anyone has any they suggest? Thanks :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Hi HIPPYCHIC! !! Blushing smiley face!!!kmsl

I do a lot of driving myself, the company I work for sends me anywhere along the east coast, Atlanta to Boston mostly and podcasts are a great distraction, my personal favorite is comedy bang bang, laughter is one of the best ways to keep ur mind occupied and off the cravings…audiobooks are good too if you like to read, Stephen king is a personal inspiration for me because he’s kicked a lot of the same habits most of us have…alcohol, cocaine, and oxycontin. Sobriety podcasts tend to bum me out bc it’s the same depressing stories u hear at AA and NA meetings, but if they help you, by all means go for it!

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I like the “Love what matters” podcast for positive stories, and the Jocko podcast for motivation. I drive a lot for work so lots of listening time.

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Since Right Now is my go to. It’s great, but pretty brash (which I LOVE!). They are in no way PC so I could see it being triggering to some. But yeah, I love it!

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I luv audiobooks too. Yes Stephen King is an ultimTe fVe