Podcast recommendations

Morning all from a very hot and sunny Bristol, UK!

Am sure this has probably been done to death on here but can anyone recommend their favourite sober podcasts? Preferably some that are funny/uplifting as well. I have only ever listened to The Bubble Hour which I really enjoyed and mainly used to listen to on my way to work (before Covid) when I was so hungover I was probably knocking out fellow passengers on the train with my old wine fumes!

I’ve taken over my late father in laws allotment and something to occupy my mind while I’m over there would be ideal.

Thanks :blush:


Sober dave on Spotify is a great listen, how’s your journey going. X

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Seltzer squad
Recovery elevator
This naked mind

Check those out


Oh and goodnight from sunny southern California :sleeping:

There’s a bunch listed here too:

Resources for our recovery

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