Post Gastric Bypass Alcoholics

I had my gastric bypass in April of 2021 and did not start drinking for about a year after. When I did begin drinking again after surgery, I loved the “new” kind of tipsy it gave me. Over the past year I have been drinking daily. I blackout after only a couple of drinks. I have been to AA meetings and continue to relapse. I found on here that there used to be a ZOOM meeting for post bypass patients, but it has been out of commision for a couple of years. Is there anyone who knows of another meeting like this where I can share with and hear from people with my same beginning of this disease? Are any of you farther in than I am and could maybe give me some advice, resources, or tips?
I requested the Facebook group a few minutes ago and I am just looking for as much help as I can get! Thank you in advance!


Tagging @Ravikamor, she might have tips for you.


Welcome to Talking Sober! So glad you chose to join us.

Adding to @Olivia’s suggestion, here is Rebecca’s thread where she discusses her experience with gastric bypass and alcohol impacts. It might be worth a read through. Hope you find the specific support you’re looking for, and I know for certain you are not alone.


Hi @Mariposa426!!! Welcome!! I’m sorry you fell down the rabbit hole too :pensive: It really stinks. But there’s wonderful hope!! You can beat this!! The Zoom for Post GB people went well for a while but kind of fizzled out. The people were absolutely wonderful but time zones, family obligations, and just life stuff for in the way. I personally help host the Zoom on Saturdays here but many gals from the support group use In The Rooms. Even the FB group kinda grew a bit quiet. I think you’ll just need to kind of find what works for you in your journey. You’re welcomed to message me or join us on Saturday if you have any questions :blush: In some ways we are different and in some ways we are not. But know you have support if you need it! :heart:


Thank you so much! Friday was the last day of school (I’m a teacher) and I pretty much used it as an excuse to spend the weekend drinking. I’m disappointed in myself, but this has been my pattern. In the past year, the longest I’ve been able to go is about four days without a drink. I’m definitely going to go to the rooms and buckle down. I thought I could do it with 1 foot in and 1 foot out, but clearly I can’t. This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. I’m mad at myself for not being strong enough to just stop. I know it’s a disease, it has in my family for generations, but I never thought I would be here.


Oh yes I know that pattern very well. It’s a rough cycle but you CAN break free. Find a really good support group that fits well with what you need. Have you read any literature?

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I have been reading a lot. I have a big book, but I have found reading threads on SM has been more helpful in recognizing that I’m not unique and that a lot of people have been where I am and made it to the other side, so I have hope.

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I know it feels like it, doesn’t it? I thought I was just not strong enough! I mean I never had a problem before! I could go forever without drinking. But then when I found others like us, I was like…wait this isn’t my fault. Something else is going on here. That helped me a lot psychologically.

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