Post photos of your pets!



I love your peacock. Growing up I lived on a farm and we raised peacocks as pets! Miss the farm life. Hope to live it again someday!


:blush: I love it!!


Out on our morning walk. This dog is going to LOVE the new house out west. So many sticks, guys!


This is Frannie. He’s 15! He has a compressed nerve in his cervical spine that causes pain on and off. He also doesn’t see that well anymore by he is otherwise healthy for a senior dog. This week he ran into a door and exacerbated his spinal issue. He woke up yesterday unable to use his front legs and with limited use of his hind legs. Such a difficult decision :sob:. With the help of my vet I decided to treat him with steroids and this morning he is able to walk! Keeping him in my prayers. Hurting for him yesterday made me want to escape my feelings. With encouragement from a sober friend I managed to stay in the moment, meditate, and just deal. These pets mean so much!


. My Luna! And snickers.


I’m sorry your elderly doggo is in pain.


Thank you @Sober_Ninja. Surprisingly he’s pretty comfortable which helped with the decision to treat him and his mobility is much better today


Staying home all day today (day 28) on “dog duty” , watching World Cup and MLS, while my girlfriend is off visiting friends for the day. It’s a welcome, rare Saturday where I have absolutely NOTHING to do, no obligations or errands, and I’m going to savor it!

Here is my view for the day…


Tony and Lola


My dorky love bug. :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

Queen of the house. :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:



Somebody isn’t happy he had a shower today


You’re clearly in the dog house.



5 fur babies and my horse, Nala


Our Lugnut :joy:


Playing dress up with baby Oreo :joy:



My doggo:

Someone dumped him in the dessert when he was just a puppy (maybe 3 mos. old). Got him from a rescue 5-1/2 yrs ago. Best dog ever <3