Post photos of your pets!




This is also my first post lol. Nice to e-meet yall.


Best way to watch tv


Holy macaroni. My brain exploded from that cuteness!


So pretty!! <3


Almost twins!! This is my Norma Jean.


That’s amazing! Even down to the little black spot on the nose!! Cute :heart:


I was wondering how long it would take her to notice lol. I always thought the same thing! Amos is super cute. So is Norma Jean, they would make cute babies! Hehe


Lol. They really are similar! @Yomomma, is Norma Jean a smuggler? Amos is attached to me.


Norma Jean looks like she has diachromatic eyes. Does she?


Omg yes!! Shes a head butter. Shes totally MY cat. She snuggles only me…


No, it’s just the flash of the camera.


Mine is a head butter too! And I tell my husband that Amos loves him as much as he loves me, but it’s not true. 8 am Amos’ human! And damn, I was hoping you had a Bowie cat. Lol.


Love this post!


God I wish!!


Buddy our big scary 2.5kg bowchicahuahua :joy::heart:


Your local shelters have pleanty of gorgeous forever friends. Even if you dont take one home, they always love when you go and take them for walks and talk to them. :paw_prints::dove:


Bentley vs Bee. Bee wins. #fatlip


Poor Bentley! Hope he’s doing ok.

Along with trying to eat bees and other bugs, I have to be on guard to stop my dogs (2 Boston Terriers) from trying to chase the wild turkeys, we have a lot of them around here. They are not friendly birds and don’t take kindly to being chased.


Yeah, he was fine. Puppies sometimes have to learn the hard way. Hehe. Wild turkeys, your terriers must have an absolute blast chasing them!


Thats rare now because of the below:

Usually the birds will run away, but if it’s mating season or the baby turkeys are around, they will be tremendously aggressive and I need to keep the dogs away.

One of my pups got chased by an angry momma turkey, unprovoked, wings spread and hissing, a year ago or so. That bird catches my boy with one of its talons, it’d be “game over” in a matter of seconds. Luckily I was able to think quickly…stepped in between them, grabbed a branch from the ground and swung it at the bird. Not to hit it or harm it, just close enough to fend it off. It actually came at us again after that, again unprovoked, from about 20 yds away. Fended it off again.

Generally try to stay away from those bastards now.

Edit: still plenty of fun to be had chasing squirells, chipmunks, and smaller birds :slight_smile: