Post photos of your pets!



It’s Amos’ 1 year “gotcha” birthday. He’s unimpressed.



Spoiled rotten :heart:



He’s “helping” me sort thru for amethyst mined from the place he was named after


another hard cuddle from the little dog today.




Haha, so cute! I just hope he doesn’t try it with a baby in there! :joy:


Super rare photo of all my fur babies in the same place at the same time this morning :heart:


Fyi: I bought a king size bed for the new house. I am so excited to have more room. :grin:


My cat Sophie. I am collecting photos of her like this to make a calander for my son. He is ‘her human’


Omg, that side heart! So cute!


I love this dog! He warms my heart!


Amos is saucy this morning.


Omg. I took this today but I had 3 more from yesterday I will have to find again later to post lol. My dog has this new thing where he has to touch me every minute I am not in shower, especially in the bathroom! Today touching isn’t enough, he insisted on laying on top of me lol.


FYI: I bought a king size bed thinking the same thing. There’s still not enough room. Somehow dogs expand to fill the space they have. :thinking:


Look at this face!


We’re going camping!!!


This dog is so clingy. It’s a breed trait. Most nights he has to share my pillow. It’s kind of annoying, but this dog has been through the good, the bad, and the ugly with me so I guess I’ll put up with it.