Post photos of your pets!


Bahaha!!! The cone of shame!!! Poor guy, take him camping for a week just to come home and have him cut open and not able to play for what seemed like forever. God he’s cute!


Nice to see a post from you @Bexsteroonie. Hope to see you here more.


Ah yes, the cone of purgatory.


Caught red-handed stealing the blankets to build a nest and to suck on…again. No idea why he likes sucking on blankets so much. He’s my weird little guy and I love him for it.


3 of 4 of my babies number 4 is an outsider(and yes I have a pair of twin brothers)


Cat jerk Marlin. Copping a feel.


My friends had a Boston who buried herself in blankets and sucked on them. No idea what that’s all about either, but maybe a breed thing? :dog:


Aww! That sweet, cone-encased face says so much!


My favorite niece is visiting


Its hot!


He passed away last week…this was taken 2 days before.


I am so sorry for your loss! Such a sweet face with soulful eyes. Hugs to you :hugs:


I’m so sorry for your loss :frowning:
The only thing that brings me some consolation when my beloved dog died was that I was able to give her a good life while she was here. It’s been more than 2 years and it’s still hard.


The behavior of suckling blankets is associated with early weaning. My dog sometimes nurses in his sleep, but has never nursed on blankets.


I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you.


This is our new girl, Pumpkin. She and her siblings were rescues. A friend fostered them after someone found them in a dumpster, at just hours old. She’s about 9 weeks old now. We’ve had her a week. (Additionally, she also nurses on blankets. She never had that bonding experience with her mother.) She and her big brother (Prince) are slowly getting used to each other. He has limited patience with her, but he knows how to use the cat door to the patio. :slight_smile:


Aww, so sorry for your loss, he’s beautiful. They sure do take a piece of us with them when they go, hugs! :heart:


this dude knocked over the treat bin and ate all of the treats. ALL OF THEM!
The day after his 7th bday, he proves he can still be a jerk.


the little girl dog is being eextra needy this week.


Here’s a shot of our little explorer, Pumpkin. After we make our bed in the morning, she likes to hide between and behind the pillows.