Post photos of your pets!


Luckily no crazy turkeys here in Cape Town! :joy:


Amos is ready for work.


Oh amos :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Not my pet but my neighbours, this bloody cat scares the shit out of me every flipping night when he jumps down onto my bench :joy:


double hammock for the puppies


Tug helping me at the office today


Ok, that is adorable


Shhhhh… mandatory nap time people :zzz:


Thanks, as it turns out Amos isn’t as fond of his tie as I am. :joy:


Tito the sobriety support pooch


Oh goodness. That looks just like my daughter!!!:sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Oh such cuties!


I forgot these guys in my earlier post. We started with 13 but are down to 6. We have a pterodactyl terrorizing the neighborhood. Its bigger than me. I think it’s a huge crane, we have Turkey vultures around town too…


@TracyLeigh it’s like they melted into the couch! :dog::dog2::dog::dog2::rooster: wait… what!!! Who invited the chicken?


Tie and twine fishing line rite above their pond. Creating sort of a Barrier or nearly invisable like net line thing above them. You could add some like bright foil strings to it to ward off the birds. I dont know that May work. I have had gardens and that helped keep the bastards away. :joy::joy: deer wouldnt give a crap but the birds do not like flashes of light it makes them think something is moving around them.


‘It’s like they melted into the couch’ :joy::joy::rofl:


Sweet boy


@Rayn @Sassyrocks


They’re my pets for tonight, lol. They are staying in our yard in case their mom comes back. If she doesn’t, were calling an animal specialist.


My kitties got a little outside time in yesterday with my boy