Post photos of your pets!


Midnight and my daughter. 2 sleepy girls.


And the other one too, she looks my my last cat, a Maine Coon. I’m going to get a cat soon I really miss having another heartbeat beside me.


I really love having pets. They just bring a whole different world with them!


Dude! Thank you!


Adorb. Black one looks like it’s up to something hahha

Rare footage of kitten sleeping and not wrecking the place/eating toilet roll :joy:


This smart attractive young man is a handful. Two handfuls. A footfull too.


My daughters Rabbit…His name is BANANA , hahaha.


She likes to “help.”


Dog sandwich!



Is that a rental or do you live there?



Beautiful cat!


I often refer to her as equal parts human baby and my second dog.

She likes to come and get attention like a dog, and she lets me (and only me) cradle her on her back like a baby. She purrs constantly, it’s the best.


My little t-rex, always on the lookout


@DMam1. You have my cat’s twin! :joy:


I think he’s trying to get my attention lol


Mornings with Amos.



Max, my best boy. Found him as a puppy in Egypt and since then he’s pretty much been everywhere with me. :heart: