Post photos of your pets!


Yes! The high confidence sounds familiar :grinning:



Thought the dog wanted to be near my while I did yoga this morning, wouldn’t move from my yoga mat. Turned out there was a ball under the sofa she wanted :joy:


Lady! :heart_eyes:



So our kitten has decided she likes to hang with me during the work day. There’s futon couch in my office, but my papers are much more to her liking.


This is Smokey. Her name should be Honey Badger… Cuz she don’t give a shit. She’s angry, aloof and bitchy… and she’s all ours! :rofl:



Love her!!!


Eek!!! Soooooo much cuteness still!!! I just cant even get enough of that adorable freaking creature!


Jett, being adorable. Seriously, one of the best things to happen to me this year.


“And she’s all ours”… haha love it.


His little legs are crossed :heart_eyes::joy::joy: Very cute.


I was dying when I saw her sit like this. Like, this is the new thing now. All the time. I wish I had a pupper monocle for her.


Omg, they are SO cute!



Samsquanch kissed by a window rainbow



Gosh, looks so much like my Beasley when he was a little younger.


That’s the best name I’ve heard in a long while.