Post photos of your pets!


This is Timone (Timmy). He’s 15. Found out last we he has advanced liver cancer. He’s on palliative care meds now. Not much time left with him. He’s been a great dog.


Hugs, I know how hard that is…


Thank you!


93BCECF3-39EB-47CE-86E8-12516BFCDF32 my departed dog. I miss her very much


Awww, shes beautiful. So sorry for your loss! :heart:


It’s not. Thank you for the kind words.


Ammo the old man


Day 39. The lounging scene at my house is out of control.


Thanks. I would like to have another one but now I can not. I hope one day in the future


Martin, 20 yrs old, and super spoiled


Phoenix always checks in on everyone throughout the day and asks for a ear rub in return :heart:


Awe. You are his owner dad, he’s spoiled AF :heart::heart:






I’m one of those crazy dog people. This is my Gunny at her first visit to the vet. The breeder said she weighed 6lbs 9oz. I don’t bring her home until the 22nd, but she is already a huge part of my recovery. Though she will only part of my life for 10-12 years, I will be her WHOLE LIFE. God (who is the God of my understanding) put a puppy in my life to give me hope and responsibility. I’ll be able to tell her anything. Thanks for letting this one Persian Gulf Vet and through some more Iraq and Afghanistan 1tours. If I know to kickstart my Gunny


My good girl.


20y/o?? What a sweet cat, and well taken care of obviously :heart:


This is Eclipse my new puppy (a black lab) that wont be coming home until January 10th. Sorry for the fuzzy photo that’s the most recent the breeder sent me of him lol. He’s a surprise for my boys. Yes Eclispe is his name lol. I like space what can I say? and this is my other fur baby who I introduced before. Her name is Luna and she’s a Great Pyrenees puppy. She’s six months old and as you can see she’s already huge. She’ll be about 100 lbs when done growing lol. Her hair is trimmed otherwise she’d be a huge fluff ball lmao. They’re my fur babies and I love them very much. Cannot wait to welcome home Eclipse. :heart_eyes:


Very spoiled


“Play with me!!!”