Post photos of your pets!


My kitten Maya or “My My” haha


its been 8 years since my beautfull CALLY PASSED AWAY


and her brother Bobby standing 10 years lovely gentle dogs


I’m so in love with this picture! :heart_eyes:


These are my loves right here. Eva and Lila…man are they my favorite thing!


They sure stay with you even years later, don’t they? Beautiful dogs! :heart:


This office sharing isn’t working out


Seems to be working out for her. :grin::grin::grin:


Yes. She fusses at me when I move her to her comfortable bed, has to test the temperature of my coffee by sticking a paw in it, and demands to know what I am eating if I have a snack at my desk.

Might have to talk to HR about this.


She is just trying to be helpful. Making sure that the king doesn’t get poisoned. Oh, by the way, she thinks she is a human, not a cat. So expects to be treated equally.


Sounds like the typical cat attention seeking “I’m going to block you from whatever else you’re interested in” behaviour… do cats respond to negative reinforcement, such as you walking away if she does this, for example? I was lucky, my last cat experience was with a cat who was simply content to be nearby and/or have a cardboard box.


Someone is trying to be sneaky.


She has a funny personality


My old lap girl getting some love!


Awww. I love torties!



This old man is about to have his world shook. Theres a 3 yr old female border collie coming to stay with us for a month on the 29th.