Post Your most inspiring photos of Nature


I live right near the Columbia River. I’m from Yakima.


the veiw from the hospital after my leg problem was diagnosed.
I sat In the window a lot.


Nothing like a solo bike ride through abandoned buildings train yards, and dirt roads, when you live in the city you have to hunt the beauty,find the wide spaces inhabited by loners different than you,but still wary enough to keep a distance.


Gorgeous :heart:


Oregon coast


Up river in north Idaho (home)



Not the best picture (from moving car) but there is nothing and I love it :grinning:
In fact I could post all my 500+ photo’s of the road trip to the Grand Canyon :heart:


So lovely! It reminds me of when I lived on the northern tip of Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlottes) :slight_smile:


No fair! Haha your photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing


Lol so sorry my only nature photos have kids I’ll keep it to myself for now lol thank you so much btw!!


Oh I meant no fair as in you’re a professional photographer, nothing to do with kiddos. The horses are my favorite! Don’t keep em to yourself!



Tribute to Aretha in downtown Detroit


Thank you so much :blush: excuse my exhaustion and not being able to read lol! Thank you truly.


Guess What?! I Just Love Forests and the Sea as well :heart_eyes:


I love what nature has to offer and sometimes i think that the good thing that comes from a rehabilitation off of mind altering chems is the appreciation we have for natures doings.

My best friend that passed due to OD
SAMARA was a true inspiration to me in so many ways ironically it will be the anniversary of her passing yesterday


Really beautiful pictures. From which country are this amazing forest and sea?


May she rest in Peace. Praying for her eternal rest


picture taken in the north of Spain close to Asturias
and a mountain close to Madrid


Beautiful San Diego, California :heart_eyes: I believe I’m 4th generation native.


I would love to see road pictures!
My heart hurts,I have a deep inconsolable sadness becayse I am a person who is meant to travel,sleep in cars and on couches,and be most at home when I don’t exactly have one.

It’s a wonderful picture,it’s a memory,it is my reminder that the road is still there,waiting.


Woahh! I love this pictures. I love the ocean and every picture relate with it.