Pot addiction help please!

I have been addicted to Pot for 12 years and have never been able to quite for long periods of time. I will spend close to 60 dollars a day just to get high. I can’t even tell you why I want to get high anymore, besides it’s something to do. I will con, manipulate, lie, steal, even play crazy to get money from family and friends to get money. I enjoy driving around music blasting blunt in my hand and I know deep down its not worth it, however I keep making the familiar choice. Has anyone else been this addicted to Pot before, or give me some advise on what to do. Thanks everyone.


I’m very close to people that are. Have u tried attended NA meetings regularly,even daily in the beginning if needed. AA is what I needed. The most important thing is don’t fool yourself into thinking your going to do it on your own ( just my opinion ) I’m completely "Powerless over alcohol " & I’m (assuming ) it’s the same with THC, I just did that here & there . There is so much help out there. This app is a great supplement to other face to face help,but in my opinion not enough alone. Hope that helps& I’ll keep ya in my prayers! !


Sorry I meant to say u also need face to face help!

Physically, pot/Marijuana is not addictive.
Mentally, it can be as can many other things.
I’m not saying your mental, I’m saying you need to break the cycle.
Find a way of putting it down for a few days, don’t go spend money on it…get rid of any smoking accessories…bongs,papers,pipes and lighters.
Find other ways of keeping your mind busy without getting stoned…try and stay away from caffeine and sugary stuff for a few days because the crash from these things can make you dwell on being stoned.
Sleep when tired,rest when needed
A few days clear minded should help you break the cycle.
If you feel you need to seek out a meeting then be willing to talk to people about what your going through.
Stay strong…


Thanks I’m gonna try and find some meeting sof I can talk about it openly

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Good for you! Let me know what ya think afterwards please.

Hey kenn_miller, I’m in the same spot brother. Except I’m only 20 and feel like I can’t wake up in the morning or do anything without it. it literally has me by the balls. Just the thought of going a day without it makes me feel depressed and anxious. Everything pisses me off but I wanna get sober and join the Marines and get my life together, today is 7/22 and it marks my first true attempt at being sober. Not sure if you’ll see this, but I hope you’re doing well and staying clean :fist:

The weed had numbed your emotions all the time that you have been smoking it so when you stop you will experience literally every emotion but that will pass. The longer you stick with it the easier it will get. And welcome to the group @J_bittenbin99 :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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