Problems with app after UI update on Samsung A33

When you switch to another app, how long are you “away” from Talking Sober? Does it happen after a long while, or is it immediate?

Without getting into your privacy, what type of apps are you switching to? Media, like video or images?

It’s immediate for me. If I’m on here, the only other activities I do at the same time is look at a text, take a call, check what’s app quick or copy text from here to translate on Google.

It could be only a second to view phone home page, text app, internet browser, camera…

Do you have anything like a battery saving mode enabled?
Are you inside of a topic when you switch?

Good morning robin.

No powersaving on
It happens even if im on the main screen and toggle away from the app

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No battery saving mode enabled and the app has a permission to run in the background. It does not matter where in TS I am when I switch, the problem remains.

However, I can use the left pointing arrow in the top left corner to go to my timer. When I click the community icon, I can return to the forum but only to main feed - it does not remember if I was in a topic when I switched.


Good morning @Robin any luck finding the issue with the sobertime/talking sober app white screen when changing between apps and returning to talking sober?


I forgot about the issue because I’ve been using Chrome but I tried from the app today and it’s still happening. Ugh!

No, I haven’t been able to reproduce it. I checked again over the weekend. For those who are experiencing the issue:

  • Are you premium?
  • Do you have an app password enabled?
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I’m still on the Patreon subscription, never switched over to the new premium.

No password enabled for the app.

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Premium and i dont think i have it password protected

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I found something in the community’s code that might be causing a problem, so I added some checks in for that. I’ll include it in the next version of Sober Time that should be coming in the next few days.


I appreciate the time and effort you put into trying to resolve this issue. I’ll keep an eye out for the update.


4.0.97 is now available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. Can anyone update and check the issue again?


Hello. Unfortunately, the problem remains.

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Im having this issue as well. Since jumping back ok here there is a issue when i land on a page that says community with the two arrows in top right corner, it just freezes

I updated but it’s still happening.

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Uploading: Screenshot_20240222_100316_Sober Time.jpg…

So mine keeps getting frozen on this inbetween page. And it will suddenly just go to those screens when i try to open a new page or thread

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An update on this. I am not sure why yet, and I haven’t identified the problem, but it seems to be specific to Samsung devices. I have been able to replicate it. I’ll try to dig deeper and get to the root of it.


I keep forgetting to say that after this last update I have had zero problems on my iPhone. So thanks for that. Mine were the same as Samsung users but more intermittent and only if I had been away from the app on another app for an extended amount of time.