Question for ladies only (sorry ;)

Do you feel more irritated and angry before period and then you want to drink to calm yourself down? How to cope with it?


This actually comes up pretty regularly - if you search the term “ladies” you find a few good threads - here’s one:

There’s a lot of “sorry” with these - don’t worry about it. No need to apologize at all. Female-identifying people are allowed to have spaces all their own, no apologies required :innocent:


Here’s another one:


Thanks Matt sorry I’m new here and j didn’t think that I can I may delete my post?

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No need to delete, you can leave it here no problem. I have those links for you to explore and learn from others who’ve asked similar questions. Your thread will be valuable as well - no doubt there are other women here with similar questions; you’re not the first and you won’t be the last! :innocent:


Isnt it funny how that happens… 2 incidents I’ve been “out of control” were days with my “friend”. I swear there is some kind of link but def can’t blame that.


My habit of binge drinking directly lined up with my cycle. PMS hits, start drinking heavily to cope with emotional volatility and physical symptoms, period starts and am in bed for a week being miserable and recovering from binge, try being sober for a time, then the PMS begins and the cycle begins again. This wasn’t always the case, but in the last year or so it happened this way often. My husband was the one who actually helped me to recognize the pattern. Mix depression and anxiety in there, too, for good measure. Ultimately, I am now working to find better ways to cope with my cycle and my emotions and it is becoming clear to me that exercise is going to have to be a major element. Endorphins to alleviate pain and hormonal shifts…and depression. That’s what I am trying first, anyway. And like others have said, listening to my body and taking the time I need to rest - I also seem to need more sleep before my period starts.


I got a Mirena IUD after my second daughter was born. It’s the best thing I ever did. First, no more periods!!! Second, while PMS syptoms do occur they a 1000x better…I rarely notice my emotional rollercoaster anymore. I used to become so paranoid and angry.


Oh my goodness…the irritation and anger and huge emotional swings are, for me, epic. Do they make me want to drink? Surprisingly, not anymore. Those were times when I remember being sloppy drunk, feeling like suuuuuch a victim, picking fights with those around me. I was a mess.

The PMDD mood swings are still really hard, but I am thankful to no longer have the complicating factors of hangovers and shame. I try to take better care of myself during those times…extra long baths, candles, ice cream, walks alone, away from my family. It doesn’t always fix it, but I do believe it helps.


You know it’s really odd. When I was going through fertility treatments 18 years ago, I started tracking my period with an app. Back then it was a website haha. Anyway, for some reason I’ve been doing through this website/app since 2002. This past year I’ve had quite a few relapses… I decided to investigate by looking at my chart, and low and behold, I relapsed right before or during my period every time. Took me way too long to catch on to that fact. I think it’s because I’ve never experienced PMS (sorry ladies). So it didn’t even occur to me. So, I do think there may be something to it. I’m now prepared should it happen again.


Personally I agree that my period directly affects my inhibitions. When I was younger I always ate a lot, chocolate and carbs. But as the years went on, and my drinking became worse, that time of the month was always a hellish indulgence. Like I couldn’t cope with anything without it even tho in reality it just exaggerated those hormonal feelings. Thinking I needed it to get thru that week of pms, when in actuality if I didn’t drink my symptoms are far far less. I realized this early on in recovery so it’s a time to be more mindful of why you’re actually feeling the way you are and take a step back to analyze the pros and cons (spoiler-theres no pros to drinking). Another thing that affects me greatly I’ve noticed over the years, and many might think I’m nuts, is when there’s a full moon. If my cycle coincides with a full moon my entire city better watch out. Nothing could control me then, or so I thought. I guess I’m what they call a ‘lunatic’ sometimes. But it all subsides when theres no alcohol or drugs in my system. That’s the key for me. And I hope in abstaining you will also realize how much easier it is to get thru our monthly curse. Keep at it. It gets easier.


Oh I’m irritated and angry during my period. Mainly because of pain. Cramping so bad I can’t even really sit up and nothing stays in. At either ends. Sometimes everything feels pink, sometimes as if the sea monster has risen from the bottomless pit.

Did I mention I don’t struggle with substance abuse so this what I deal with on monthly basis. I don’t even want think how much worse it could be being drunk or high🤯

Not answering your question but anyways… :joy: