Questions about rehab

I’m thinking I need in patient rehab for cocaine addiction. There is just no other way I dont trust myself. But I have so many questions like

-What about work? Do they find out? Will i lose my job?
-will i still see my kids? How often?

  • can i call them? Anytime i want?
  • is it a 12 step program
  • how long is it?
    -how will my Bill’s be paid? Do they let u do online banking?
    I’ve never been away from my kids :frowning:

I forgot to mention I will have to go for co occuring disorders for mental illness and eating disorder. The eating disorder is my main trigger

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A lot depends on what rehab you go to. Are you in the states?

Facilities like that have had people that range from doctors to lawyers to mom’s --any profession really. They exist to help you and make you comfortable in an uncomfortable time. They will be open and honest about answering any of your questions; each rehab is different, and what they allow and don’t allow varies. :blush:

I’m happy you want to become sober.


So this is based on my rehab experience in New York and Pennsylvania.

  1. Your work won’t find out unless you tell them. Substance use disorder is a disease and therefore protected by HIPPA. You are also eligible for short term disability while you’re are out of work.
  2. Firing you would be illegal so no they can’t do that unless they want to get in trouble.
  3. Most rehabs have family visitation days once a week. Usually your first week there you won’t have visitors bc you will be detoxing. You will also have phone access regularly most likely. But also remember, the people who run rehabs are generally very good at their jobs, so if they have restrictions on communication it’s for a good reason. Sometimes it’s best to turn off the outside world and focus on you.
  4. Some rehabs support 12 step programs and have meetings on site, but for the most part you have group and one on one appointments with a counselor.
  5. A normal rehab is 21-28 days depending on insurance. Longer is better, but unfortunately insurance companies don’t see it that way.
  6. I would talk with the rehab before you go in about banking, but many do not allow you on the internet or to keep your phone.

When I went to my first rehab I wanted to tell them how my treatment should go, but it doesn’t work like that. They know what they are doing. We don’t. That’s why we need rehab in the first place.

As far as being away from your kids, it will be tough, but worth. You sacrifice 30 days now to be a better parent for the rest of their lives. If you don’t get clean eventually the wheels will fall off. Your children will resent you for using or even worse get taken away. You have a chance to make sure that never happens.


No canada ontario and I’m on disability

Canada is probably even better than the states then as far as insurance and the time off work goes, so that’s good. You should also be able to keep your disability.

I would contact anyone you have bills with a head of time and let them know you will be seeking medical treatment and work something out so you don’t have to worry about that when you are in there.

Rehab was the best thing I’ve ever done. It was scary at first but within a day I felt a lot better about my decision.


I went to an inpatient rehab in California. It was 90 days. We couldn’t have our cell phones but could use the phone 2 times a day. We could sign up for computer time twice a week. We could have visitors every Sunday and leave for the day.

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Did you end up going?

Thinking about you, how are you holding up?

I wanna know what happened too…And it’s cool that my experiences with rehabs are pretty similar to Dereks…even though we live in different parts of the world with totally different kind of economies and societies… Seems to me that the message is the same and the principals are the same…

I did not end up going to rehab. I’m still in the same cycle but I have deleted all social media and cut ties with everyone. I’m trying to focus on more positive life choices. I dont like coke and I’m starting to get stronger I hope by changing my thoughts and listening to motivational speakers and guided meditation. My mind does play tricks and I still get it but dont want it. So I’m about to flush what I have here it’s making me sick and I cry every time I get it. It’s not right. I dont want to feel this. Time to get pushing forward on positive goals and being happy. I am on a waiting list for the eating disorder though. Thanks for caring :slight_smile: btw I wasnt coming on here because I felt like I sounded like a broken record always asking for help and always failing.