Reasons for fighting


Reasons for today🎉

  1. there exists a happiness and content so much deeper than that which alcohol provides

  2. I want to be present in my life and not miss out due to a dulled consciousness

  3. my old patterns made me SO unhappy !!


Reasons for today

  1. Mental clarity and control of my life
  2. Remembering the type of person alcohol turns me into and how often it hurts my loved ones
  3. To be a role model and to be proud of myself


It’s getting harder to remember the bad of the addiction which isn’t good, because then I’ll try and rationalize it away.

  1. It’s a step towards being put together
  2. I’m trying to take on new responsibilities so I need my head in the game
  3. If I know I’m doing good things, then others won’t be able to bring me down as easily.


Today’s brought to you by the letter A!

  1. My big bro is coming over soon with his wife, I don’t want to fail while they’re here.
  2. I’m slowly reaching for scary new responsibilities that stress me out just to think of them. It would suck to grab at the addiction and screw stuff up.
  3. I need to focus on drawing freaking candyland characters for a Christmas party. Addiction needs to step aside for Mr. Mint and company because the candy train ain’t stopping for no one.


My Reasons, Just for Today .

  1. I completely lost myself in my addiction…Ppl had to remind me of what I was doing & saying, But Today, in my sobriety I AM PRESENT!
  2. I don’t want to lose my self respect nor my self control again, It feels amazingly peaceful in this new spirit I have built in my High Power
  3. I used to cry so much, the sadness and embarrassment was overwhelming… Today, I smile more than I ever have, and it’s sincere… Not perfect but Lord knows it’s better…

  1. Fighting for the time I lost with my kids and making up for it.
  2. Fighting for time I lost with my wife and making up for it.
  3. Fighting for my sobriety. If I don’t change, my sobriety date will.


Reasons today:

  1. This addiction is vile and repulsive (which is exactly why I didn’t believe I’d fall to it. We know how that worked out). I don’t want something like this associated with me.
  2. I don’t want to be so ashamed that hiding the truth becomes more important than finding a better path.
  3. I need to be in top shape because Mr. Mint was a friggin nightmare bc coloring is the worst thing ever, and I still have Princess Lolly and Lord Licorice to contend with.

  1. I want to stop feeling wrong inside. I’m thinking maybe this is a step there?
  2. I got more writing down the almost month I’ve been sober than any three I haven’t been
  3. Feeling gross definitely makes my depression worse. The addiction makes me feel gross. 1+1=2.


Almost to a month. Ugh this is rough. My brain keeps trying to rationalize, go back to those thoughts and that’s a major no no because then I’ll lose control.

  1. I really need to write more, and obviously this addiction is being the opposite of helpful.
  2. Rn is really stressful, lots of not fun personal issues. I don’t want to “cope” this way because it’ll make everything 100 times worse.
  3. I got a new phone, which I haven’t switched to yet but it’s still sort of a fresh start in some ways. Don’t want that magic to fade.


Struggling at day 22.

  1. I want sobriety because drunk I’m a mess. I become a shell of myself for days after.
  2. I don’t want to live my life lying anymore.
  3. I want to be healthy.
  4. my brain works so well when I have a lengthy time of sobriety.
  5. my parenting is on point

  1. I’m trying to build up a better life, better habits, good routines and goals. It’ll be 10x harder to stick to them if I let the addiction stick around.
  2. When I remember the addiction I remember the fun parts. It’s harder to remember the bad ones even though those were so much more often, and so much harsher.
  3. The addiction is not me. That mindset is so not me it’s disturbing. I don’t want to feed that, I have enough identity issues.

  1. I have delicate little twiggy wrists. Those wrists will be ruined if I’m not careful and then I can’t draw.
  2. It’s almost Christmas. That’s a sacred holiday. I’d like to not tread on the magic.
  3. I think I’m doing a little better lately. I’ve done a lot of things I had no motivation for today, if I can keep that up I’ll get stronger.


Glad to see your keeping up with your reasons for fighting :blush:


I am sober because:

  1. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired
  2. I need to be a better mom and the only way to do that is by being sober
  3. I need to be nicer to my body by not poisoning it anymore
  4. My sister killed someone drunk driving and is in prison and her 4 daughters (my nieces) are without their mother and it’s so sad watching them struggle. I have drank and drove numerous times and this could have been me instead.
  5. My other sister has a half sister who is 47 years old and in the hospital dying from cirrhosis of the liver.
  6. I deserve a better life for myself.
    And so many more reasons!


Reasons for fighting:

  1. I feel like a better person sober, I am more confident and kinder.
  2. I can’t help my partner if I don’t help myself.
  3. It’s healthier lifestyle physically for my body, I want to start a family in the next few years and staying sober will ensure I am ready for this.


Thanks. It’s a little hard sometimes, but I think it’s helping. :slight_smile:


My reasons for fighting to stay sober:

  1. To love myself so that I can love others;

  2. To use my gifts & talents to serve others; and

  3. To take back my life from an abusive marriage.



  1. I’m totally rewiring my brain right now for greatness and that’s fantastic
  2. If I can learn to deal with more of my issues in good ways then I can get story characters doing the same things.
  3. I want to beat my last record.

  1. Because I have better, more enjoyable things to do than sit around drunk.

  2. Because my health is important to me. I want a long life filled with joy and experience.

  3. Because I’m a better version of myself when I’m sober! More patient, joyful, loving, accepting, vital, respectable, productive… Alive!


3 reasons for fighting:

  1. I love my family and boyfriend too much and want to be better. I don’t wanna lose anyone because of my temperamental desire and stupid mistake.

  2. I don’t want to get into any more trouble or waking up not remembering how I got home.

  3. I want to be awake, aware, alert and be at my best every single morning, day and night, so that I can be thankful to God for this body, spirit, life and everything and everyone in it.