Relapse dreams and coping

How do you deal with them?

Relapse dreams are a nuisance, sometimes down right frustrsting. But, they do become less frequent as time goes on. Don’t read too much into them, they are super common and is just your subconscious messing with you.

I cant speak for anyone else but I chalk them up to a subconscious fear. Dreams are just your subconscious telling you something you’re not hearing. Or a warping of your subconscious if it is a walking dream.

However if you dont believe in the science of dreams you can always just say it was a dream. And you cant necessarily control them but you can control what you do in waking life.

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I treat it like any other bad dream. I let myself feel the relief of it not being real, and just go on with my day. I have bad dreams about other fears of mine, and I do the same thing. If it keeps haunting me, I talk to someone about it and that usually helps.

One way, and it doesnt always work…but distract your brain with something. Early on in the journey, we think about drinking and sobriety so much…our brain just keeps processing those thoughts when we sleep. I read a lot of historical fiction before I went to bed. I am a history buff, and I can lose myself in it really fast. Dreams went away.