Relapsed. 24 hours clean from alcohol

Just found our my gf of 7 years has fully moved on and been with a guy for 6 weeks now. We have soon to be 3 and 5 year old. Drank for about 10 days hard. Now I’m just going to stay sober and deal with it. I’m done numbing the pain. This site is the only thing that gets me back to sobriety. Even know the longest I’ve stayed sober was 34 days in the last 18 years. Here we go!


Oh that is really tough, I am so sorry. Well done for making the decision to face the pain and get through this, it is a much healthier way of dealing with it.

How long have you been broken up? Anytime you want to talk about it, just come here.

Congratulations on 24 hours clean :clap:


Did it help ? :wink:
Seriously mate, shit like that isn’t worth your sobriety.
Yes, it’s tough. Of course. But like her, you need to move on as well.

And that starts with wishing yourself a better future. A sober one.

Congrats with day 1, keep it up !


She was acting like we were going to get back together. She needed a break but we still talked everyday. She was stringing me along for around a year.

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Just ‘liked’ your post and then changed my mind as that is horrible! I am so sorry. I can’t even imagine how hard that is, especially when you share children.

Time to focus on you and the kids. It is horrible now but at least you know. You deserve better.


Thanks Jenny. I appreciate that!


Try a meeting might help wish you well


This place saved my life. It got me sober enough to walk into a recovery program. Ever think about trying one? It could impact your life tremendously.


Every day you choose not to drink is another day you cast a vote to be the Dad your kids deserve.

Sooner rather than later the election results will be in and you will be father of the year. You can do this!


Absolutely love this :grinning:


Whatever the situation with ur ex, u need to be sober to move on, for u, and for ur kids. Feelings need to be felt, unfortunately. It will be hard, but it can be done :purple_heart:


3 nights down. Last night had the sweats. Worked out today felt pretty good. Thanks everyone for the support. It means alot to me.


Keep it going :purple_heart:


Well done Corey, keep it up.


I relapsed again nearly 3 days ago, but we are better than this! We’ve got this! This community helps a lot


It’s 235am last night I couldn’t sleep til 430am. Any advice on how to fall asleep?


Sorry to hear you’re struggling to sleep. I totally understand as alcohol was my drug of choice. Every time I quit I couldn’t sleep for the first couple days and eventually my sleep cycle returned. I have honestly learned it’s best when I can’t sleep just to get up and do something if I can. It’s better than tossing and turning. Maybe use this time to do some writing or reaching out on here like you’re doing. Sorry to hear about your struggles with your girlfriend and your family. I feel like we can make it through anything sober if we just talk about it… If we stay real about what alcohol does. But in the meantime while your body gets used to not having alcohol to sleep You may want to look into taking magnesium at night … If I can think of any other supplements I will edit this, But mostly in the past I was usually in detox because of really bad shakes from withdrawal , But the times I did it at home and it wasn’t that bad I usually just had to ride it out and just talk to people and pray about it. The sleep will definitely return.


What helped me was coming up with a pre-bed routine. Helps a lot if you stop using phones/screens an hour or two before you plan to go to sleep. Keeping my phone tv and laptop out of my room has helped a lot too! It’s boring but it teaches your mind that your room and bed are for sleeping and not screen time.


I’ve got a similar story to yours, it does get better so don’t lose hope. It’s not easy at all, but drinking will make it impossible to move forward. Accepting that it happened(no matter how much it sucks) and going on with your day will set you free and you’ll be able to feel okay soon.
Individual counseling or therapy can be a great help and there’s nothing wrong with seeking help. When your house is burning down, you call the fire department. Going to classes for Children dealing with divorce (Iowa’s name for it) can bring a lot of insight on things to do and things to never do while co-parenting.
The zoom meetings posted on the TS forum helped me more than I can describe


Good luck!, It is not a question of past and girlfriends. You are the one who matters. When you are giving up the booze only you matters. It is necessary to be selfish in a healthy way.

Best wishes, you can do this and only think about you and your mental and physical health!