Relapsed to work on getting Sober

I’ve been struggling with my addiction to meth, I’ve lost everything in 2016-2017. I worked hard and jumped through all the hoops for the courts to get my child back. My mom and I relationship has been rocky ever since. I am guilty and maybe I’m being paranoid about this but recently my mom and I were fighting through text messaging and now she’s back in town in that all of a sudden she wants my child to come over there and stay the night in the past she’s a nurse and keep him from me so I’ve decided that I’m going to get sober stop hustling go out there with him to my moms house and play this by ear but I freely got to stick to my sobriety this time. I don’t know why I keep relapsing and sobering up because every time I relapse I’m at risk, and shit doesn’t go right. I’m gonna need to to find a support team to keep my sobriety.


Im here. Though i never tried meth. My DOC is alcohol. Currently day 2. If i can be of any help Please write :heart:

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Maybe your mum’s worried for your son’s safety she’s just doing what nuns do protect your lucky to have her maybe a rehab center would be a good starting place if your failing to do it alone, Keep fighting the good fight


What other help are u getting to stay clean? This group is fab, but sometimes NA or AA or other irl groups can help with more concrete support. Congrats on getting ur kid back. If u can manage to negotiate the legal system, I am sure u can negotiate this!

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I agree with @Misokatsu, maybe it might he helpful to find some support with a meeting of some type. Community can be so healing. There are online ones now if you can’t get to one IRL. :heart:

This link has resources for you…

Online meeting resources

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Alcohol was my DOC. And addicted is an understatement. Wouldn’t get out of bed unless I knew I had something cold in my freezer. I never touched meth but it’s a huge issue here in Iowa. I know many people and friends that it messed up… but they also rebounded and overcame it. Its possible. Meetings and groups help. This place is a huge help as well. So many caring people on here who have great ideas and experiences to help you and others. Your on the right path and that’s awesome. Keep on keeping on :v:

Welcome to Talking Sober. This is a great tool with great folks on here.
Read other posts and keep reading anytime you feel an urge. It helps.

I agree with @misokatsu and @Sassyrocks about meetings.
There are tons of formats where you can find one that fits.
I do SMART meetings, but there is AA, NA, and many many others.
Try them online and see what you think and then pick a format that seems to work.
Then seek out a local group. It helps to be in a local group setting with like minded people.
Right now it is hard with Corona virus, but online works for now.

I am pulling for you!!!

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I too do not know why I relapse. I am almost 8 days sober and it’s crazy because I haven’t had eight days in a long time. My mother and I have a rocky relationship but when I’m doing good she actually there for me and wants to see me do good but there are times she thinks I’m doing good and I’m actually not. Mothers are a weird Bunch but sale of us your children and they just want us to to do good in life and be there for our children maybe that’s all your mom is looking for from you. Also forgive me if there’s no periods I’m voice texting this