Relapses how do you deal with them?

How do you deal woth relapses?

I definetely had the worse one this time

@oferta dust yourself off & try again. And again. And again. And again. Coming straight fr a 15 year veteran chronic relapses just recently accepting & surrendering to my addictions…granted I’m also by God’s grace turning 45 in January & getting sick n tired of being sick & tired. Turn your self will run riot over to God & He will see you through. Hold your head up, attend a meeting, call another addict, help another addict & by God, DO NOT USE under any circumstances. Hope this helps as I think I just helped myself. This is how it works & we remain clean & sober, one day-hour- minute-second at a time😇


This one was so bad that I missed my conneced flight, end up almost a week in another country. Worse is that I do not remember few of days and dont know if something bad happened or not

How to relax and try to think that I probably havent done anything bad?

The worse worse relapse ever, no idea what do how do. Just wanna give up on eveeuthing even now I am already 3 days sober

Forget it and move forward!

I know it sounds impossible, but change your perceptions and tell yourself, I will never put myself in that situation again!

Remember this pain write it down, read it anytime the thoughts enters your mind to drink. Remember the next rock bottom/relapse can be 10x worse.

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My first sponsor would always ask me, “What did you learn?” Whenever I relapsed, I tried to learn from it.

Worse is bothering me did I do smht wrong or no. But I guess If nobody stoled anything from me I am not arrestes and safe back home then no

Oh I learn a lot. Relapses before were just hard as normally then why I drankt. This time I disappointed everyone and how much deinking is effecting not only me

There you go. Your safe now and in complete control of your actions right now! This moment, this spot in life your safe. Embrace it and build off it!

I even managed not to drink 3 days now, so hangower itself is ok and in control. Still dont get how i did not got robbed. I came back with all my belongings by some miracle.

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Almost a week in another country, alone and drunk. Sounds horible and really like a bit like miracle that I am safe and sound

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@oferta I totally feel like I was meant to open the app and see this question. I just relapsed last weekend after like 6 months.
In my humble opinion… think about it objectively - as in, what caused it and were there signs leading up to it?
Then, take the perspective of "it’s a stepping stone
Beating yourself up or feeling guilty will only make you want to do it again. And doing it again is only going to make it worse.


When did that happen? You’re not still in the other country are you?

No, no I am home safe and sound :slight_smile: and sober again

I am say thank you to all high power that nothing happend to me in another country. Ja I do not remember few days but I guees nothing happened

Never give up. There are so many inspiring stories out there of people that have relapsed more than you could ever imagine and eventually reached sobriety and gone on to do amazing things.
That’s what I think of anyway.

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Thank you all of you :slight_smile: still a bit concerned if I did something bad or no. Calming myself that: I am not in police there, not robbed, not in hospital then everything were ok. Just guessing

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Don’t underestimate the power of your brain… I had a blackout long long time ago, couldn’t remember much of that night apart from some men trying to get me into their car. I remember from when one of them became very forceful… Obvs my brain ran into danger mode despite high alco intake that day. Our brains are amazing and designed to protect us. I work in mental health and it appears my example is not very isolated event. It seems our mind awakens to protect us if when we face danger… So if you dont remember then more than likely you had some relatively chill time xx concentrate on your recovery and good job on your sobriety x