Reminder on inappropriate posts, personal boundaries and flagging

A reminder to all members that moderators do not read all the threads or posts. If you come across a post that you believe breaks the rules, for example calling someone a name, dogpiling or derailing, please do not respond, please flag so that the moderators can be made aware and respond accordingly. The same is true of private messages…if you receive one that you feel is inappropriate or makes you uncomfortable, please flag it and/or add in @moderators. (Another reminder that @moderators only works in PMs).

To our newer members, you would not know this initially, but we have had a good deal of inappropriate PMs to members and we are all a bit uneasy regarding unsolicited PMs, especially if they are to females from males and even more so if they involve commenting on appearance. In today’s atmosphere, we are all learning that unsolicited comments regarding appearance are unwanted. You may believe you are ‘complimenting’ someone, however they may feel very uncomfortable having someone comment on their appearance. Again, this continues to be a learning experience for us all.

Additionally, if you believe a member is creeping on other members or being inappropriate, please do not hesitate to send a PM to @moderators. We take the safety and security of our members seriously.

So…please remember, we are here for sobriety, support and community. If you see something out of line or questionable, please flag it and allow the moderators to do their job. Dogpiling and berating will not be tolerated. Neither will 13th stepping.

For more information on these topics please see:

We are in this together. :heart:


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