Results day!😓

Ok so today’s the day!!! My mum finds out if she has lung cancer or not,tbh I’ve been detached from the idea for past 2 weeks,I know it’s happening to us but it feels like I’m looking in on myself going thru this I believe it’s my way of dealing with it.on a brighter note I’m 50 days clean today,I’m so thank full to be where I am as my mum needs me more than ever now,if you have a spare minute pray for my mum please


My thoughts and strength are with you Emma.
You know that what ever, we are here for you to offer love and strength.
Congratulations on your 50 days girl!


Sending you lots of love Emma. Please let us know later how things go 4 your mum x


Thinking of you today Emma. You are doing such an amazing job with your sobriety, your in the best possible place to be there for your mum and that’s no small thing. Congrats on your 50 days, give your mum a hug from us…we are here for you should you need us. :pray:t2::two_hearts:


Well done on your 50 days that’s effing amazing. Everything else I want to say to you, you already know. :heart:

You God it Emma :pray:t2:
Goosebumps right here.
Please make sure that you will honor your mom and you by staying sober no matter what the outcome will be.

Take care :pray:t2:

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Your mom and family is in my prayers. If you need support please do not hesitate to reach to others.

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Will be thinking of you both and sending healthy vibes your way.

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Thanks all for your kind words appt is running late so hopefully will know either way by 2.30…the waiting is so hard especially now the day is actually here ,all the other days I’ve just kept busy but today,I’m just having to sit with the thoughts and


I have been exactly where you are lady. The waiting is hard, how’s your mum holding up? Go get yourselves a cuppa. The consultation will come around soon enough. I’m here if I can offer any help to you at all. Stay strong lady, you’re in my prayers hun x

Thankyou that’s so kind,were sat in the hospital waiting room now ,it’s like pulling teeth this waiting


Sending light and love your way❤

Congratulations on 50 clean days. Keep up the good work! I will keep your family in my prayers, you are so strong and you’ll be able to help you mom through this. Just keep the faith!

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Waiting with you…

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