Run the day, or the day will run you!

I’ve been going crazy in the house and wanted a “spa vacay” really bad lately. I had to accept there might really be another six weeks of this quarantine and that I wasn’t going to be able to take a trip or spoil myself with a mani pedi to celebrate my year that was last month nor could I do it for my wedding anniversary that is in four days. So I left the fam at home and went to Walmart to grab some bath tub essentials. I threw myself a mini spa party in my bathroom first thing this morning. It was SO nice. Relaxing. Soothing. Therapeutic. I needed it. Just closing my eyes and smelling the citrus and roses was so rejuvenating. I got some candles that were citrus and floral scents and cleaned the bathtub really good, sliced up an orange and two lemons and hopped right in. Did a sugar scrub massage on my calves. Used some arnica infused episom salt for pain and sore muscles as well as two cherry blossom bath bombs! And I was really excited to try a new hair mask, a face mask and a foot mask. I have the hair mask in now. Going to let it really soak in before I wash it out later and give myself a mani pedi. I picked up a new top coat I’m also excited to use. I want to get a little plug in foot spa soon too so it can feel more like a real spa next time I do this, probably tomorrow or Sunday because I still have plenty more fruit and flowers and everything else. This has been SO helpful for my mental health. I really highly recommend doing this if you’re feeling stir crazy/fugly like I was. I’m going to try to get out of the house again and walk with the baby because I miss exercising so much!!! Hope all of you are doing well! If not just know you don’t need to drink today to cope with your feelings. There are so many choices you can make that are GOOD you just need to learn to enjoy them like you enjoyed drinking/using. Love you all!! Have a blessed day!

The Enlightened One said; “Every morning we are born again. What we do TODAY is what matters most.” In other words; take it ONE DAY AT A TIME!


That is a brilliant idea. I will steal this idea for myself - thanks!

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That looks heavenly.

I take baths regularly (not a shower person) but I never do all the salty smelly stuff. I really should!!

Now, can anyone tell me how I can do an at home haircut?? My split ends are horrible. Maybe I should get a flowbee.

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How great Is this? Bravo on nurturing yourself in an alternate way. And you saved yourself a boatload of money! Hope the serenity you found in the bathtub lasts for a good long time!