Runner's log


Alcohol has taken it’s toll on my body. I’m a runner, but after doing my first half-marathon hungover last year, I kind of took a break from my love of running. It was a pretty miserable run, and it shouldn’t have been. It was in Santa Rosa and the views were absolutely gorgeous.

Anyways, I’ve seen people use this forum as a safe place to keep accountable by using a daily log. I’ll be doing that here and will be posting pictures as evidence that I’m not full of shit. Because if I do anything well, it’s lying, lol. It will also motivate me to stay sober and by the beginning of next year, I’ll be running another half. Take two! If anyone wants to do this with me, feel free! I’ll be shooting for 5 days a week; mileage is not important until I get a little more in shape.

Happy running everyone! :running_woman:


@Elisabeth I love running. Got a new hip in january so that is for now not possible but… run Elisabeth… run !!


Yay running friends!
Yeah, I’ll probably do my time and I was thinking about it…I’ll do my mileage as well. It will be a really great way to track progress, even if it might be embarrassing at first, haha!

And a pic as proof, so time, miles and sweaty selfie. Any or all of those would work. :wink: :sunny:


Stealing your post, sorry. I want to be a runner but I have a back issues. I only use elliptical for this reason. Advice on how to start running?


I could give you all kinds of advice on how to start, but it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor first? I know how I did it, but I didn’t have back issues, and I’d hate to tell you something and then you get injured, ya know?

Oh, also, let me just add to that @Mamaisstrong, I used to have really bad back pain when running. I found out I was tensing my back too much. My form was too tight and I had to use different breathing techniques forcing me to relax. I still have to do it, just let out long exhaled breaths intermittently, and that helps me remember to relax and stay loose.


I’ll be in just as soon as possible. I had shoulder surgery on Friday (torn rotator cuff, bicep tendon, labrum) so I’m pretty much 24/7 in this recliner for the time being. I had been getting some fairly decent (for me) runs in leading up to surgery–including 3 miles the day before surgery.


I want to actually run! But I found out that if I push myself a little over the limit I get a massive back pain.


Ooh that might be the issue with me. I get pretty tense when I run even on an elliptical. I’m guessing my posture is also wrong too?.. Usually it’s my lower back that’s hurting after running and I rotate my hips a lot even when I’m just walking.


I need to start running. I’m a active person and need to get out more and exercise other than skating. I never got in to running only cause I don’t have anyone to run with


Lol, love the sweaty selfie and pink tennies. I’m actually really scared. It’s like 100 degrees up in here and I plan on dying, haha! Off work in a couple hours, will post then.

This is really helpful and inspiring, kick ass!


I new here… 5 days without alcohol!!
This is awesome… I’m running /walking the Chicago Marathon in October! And no, I’m no where near being ready… Let’s do this☺️
I’m running for the American Foundation Of Suicide and Awareness! In memory of my nephew!
BTW… This is my first post!!


A fellow rugby player :blush: . Was mad keen and for, then…well drink had other ideas. Getting back to touch and taking some training. 185 days sober. And on Sunday I did a cross country 10k. So starting to get back. Not easy. But worth it.


They’re doing a great campaign in the UK to encourage more women to get back into sport. The tag-line they use is

“this girl can”.



If you want some inspiration Google-

This girl can - phenomenal women.


Nice hair :joy::joy::joy:


27 min. 2 miles. My face says it all.
So out of shape. :dizzy_face:


Way to go!!


I’m not training for anything, but you got me off my butt tonight. So thank you! Have a very steep hill that I live on and tonight went down and then up it. Had to stop 3 times on the way up! Probably under a mile, but it’s the first time I’ve tried with my twins at home by themselves. And now I know I can do it and they are okay. I can try doubling it tomorrow.


I started running last week. Im always scared of messing my knees. But i did it 4 times last week, aiming to do same this week. Just ran 2.5 miles. Actually, ran then walked last part. I thought Im not a runner, but then I thought, i used to think Im not a non-drinker, so hey, I can do whatever I want. Go runners! This is my pink sneakers… Uploading…


Welcome @Kareness and @Blueroom!

My shoes unfortunately, are not cute and pink. Lol, they blue.

Can’t wait to post my run today! Sore and ready to improve. :grin: