Runner's log


I made a commitment to fitness in 2010 so staying active is just as important as showering and brushing my teeth! I’ve just recently started back running. this happened the last time I got into running, only that time it was a cracked metatarsal. I think I do too much too soon. Researching this pain I couldn’t find any sources stating it as being a common running injury, so I have no idea the actual cause or a sure fire way to prevent it from happening again.


I have been a runner for almost 30 years - same pain, intermittent, but chronically there. I haven’t had any explanation other than arthritis…I’ve recently started taking turmeric in the morning coffee and I am actually pain free right now :crossed_fingers:t2:


I’ve experienced it before but not to this degree, and it was when I wasn’t running. Plus it’s only ever showed up in my right foot. So who knows. The weather is going to be crap here in AL this weekend so at least I will have a few more days to recover. I’m going to research foods/supplements that help with inflammation. Maybe that will help to prevent it from coming back, or at least keep it tolerable.


Just in 5km in 25.09 it was raining windy and we were running through tough bog land terrain. I’m happy as my calf lasted the whole 5 km although I felt a slight twinge at the finish.

Feeling great.


3000 feet of elevation gain on hill intervals today.


Damn!! Nice work!!


5km done yesterday, didn’t time it as it was more a jog as I’m still trying to shake this calf strain. Got physio on Thursday and off skiing next week so just gym work this week so I don’t tear it again.

Get itchy feet when I don’t run though :angry:


4.25 miles run this morning, was only cold for about a quarter mile. 41 minutes total, though not my best pace as I had my dog with me which requires a couple pit stops. :joy:


Thats amazing. I really dig this post/topic. I might have to partake


This may seem more like a hike than a run, but it’s actually all about elevation gain…I logged 3000 feet vertical gain this am, during 16 hill repetitions, fast paced hike up the hill and fast running down with a 10lb pack.


I ran a pitiful mile yesterday. First run in almost a month due to my aching foot. I’m going to try and ease back into to it to avoid reinjury. I didn’t hurt yesterday so that’s a plus. Hopefully I can regain my fitness and tackle my goal of a sub 20 min 5k this year.


3.25 miles jogged in 60
7.25 miles biked in 30

@Spartan_Chris im still looking for an obstacle course type workout or training course in my city. No luck so far. Plus the blistering cold makes jogging outside a pain in the ass.



You at least got in some mileage though! So here’s a free plan that Spartan races offer. It’s largely body weight based and can be tailored to your individual needs. I dont do any group training programs, so I wouldn’t know where to start with recommendations. I know CrossFit gyms and Lifetime Fitness have started offering OCR prep training at some locations. I gotta warn you though, running in the bitter cold will be no excuse when you start talking with people in the racing subculture - they are running one in the snow at Greek Peak in New York tomorrow. :grin:

Just run a search for Spartan Elements Training Plan and you will find their year long program.


@Spartan_Chris thank you man.
I also know it is no excuse. I certainly wont mind running in it once im more confident in my distance running.
I signed up for the race in Chicago in November!!!
Which granted is a ways away, I am nevertheless excited as a mother fink lol


Where ya from?
Is this your normal nightly ride??


Syracuse. I normally ride to and from meetings or just take random rides. I just fixed my bike last night and wanted to take it out before the snow hit today.


Niiiice. :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:



Good job on the 9miles.