Runner's log


More reason to get a bicycle!


I’ve done 3 to date and I’m signed up for 3 more…LOVE them. I used to do MTB/kayak/trail run based adventure races, but it’s been quite some time. I had actually become quite adept at training with hangovers…I would even vomit on occasion during training runs :roll_eyes: sounds so freaking stupid now that I think of it. I never realized my full potential though…now that I am sober, I am able to train so much harder so much more frequently. It is a huge difference in my performance, having alcohol out of my life.



Such a great reward for getting sober. Ive always done loads of climbing, mountain biking and fell running with circuit training and spinning in between. But when I had my daughter it became so much harder to get out on adventures. And I could make some great excuses when I had a hangover.


I totally agree. “I don’t have time is one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves” …when we had kids it was the same for us. Amazingly with young children, although we never had time (seemingly) to go to the gym or train the way we wanted, we could certainly always find time to drink. Now I’m making that time - I ride mtb with my oldest and climb with all three of them…they are all doing the next Spartan race I do too (kids version)…my oldest has already done 2 before. Paradigm shift…if it’s important enough we find time and find a way.


I gotta say-I love seeing the thread “runners log” on this site! Such a positive topic :muscle:


Yep! There’s also a ride in North Georgia called 6 Gap…it has about the same elevation but it’s only 100 miles. One of the climbs is 7 miles, maybe 6% average. I’ve never felt like I’ve had the fitness to attempt it so i always say “next year”. I need to end up committing as I’m not getting any younger and it will only get harder.


I had to run upstairs to pee…I’d say it was a good 20 feet…well 40 ft all together. The 20 coming back down was more of a cool down jog.



Is that on hill trails? Looking forward to warmer weather here so I can get trail running again, it’s too cold and mud everywhere just now.

I’ve had calf problems since November so haven’t been running as much, more gym and core work. I thought my legs were strong from running but the gym work has really strengthened and my muscles are much more developed on my legs.

Looking forward to seeing what it does for my time splits in Spring/Summer if I can get my calf sorted.


Hey, new here. 2 days sober. Never really quit running but sure as hell wasn’t running very well. Plan on going to the gym tonight and running 2 miles to get a baseline and hopefully if I put that here in writing I’ll actually follow through :wink::roll_eyes:


Yeah I try to do as much trail time as possible - that run had about 4 miles of concrete before I hit the hills and trails and I find the hard surfaces just kill my joints nowadays. Trail running is definitely my preferred route.


I was the same…never quit going to the gym, never quit running, actually used to run with hangovers. I lost 30+ lbs last year and it had nothing to do with my alcohol intake, so I cannot wait to see what training without alcohol will do for me. You are going to find as you progress that u will have so much more efficient workouts and feel so much better. Congrats on moving toward a healthier you!


I ran when hungover too, it was one of my key denial methods: “if I’m out here running 5 miles i cant be an alcoholic”…such a difference in my running now, feel so much stronger and lighter without the burden of alcohol weighing me down!


Finally got outside in this crazy Chicago winter. Had to dodge snow melt, but had time after work for 4 miles before darkness. SO much better than the treadmill!


:ok_hand: Lived in IL for 40 of my 54 years, and have loved it, but retiring next year split between mountains and ocean. IL can’t offer those!


I’ve ran hungover, biked hungover, and went to the gym hungover…never again!

I’ve been out of commission on running since last week. Big toe just started hurting where it meets the ball of my foot out of no where the day after my last run. It’s almost pain free now. Been training on the stationary bike and stair climber at the gym to maintain my cardio. Think I need better shoes! Really blows too because there is a 5k the 24th of this month I was hoping to do.


I got 2 miles in last night after work to see where I’m at. About 17 minutes. I’m ok with that. Would like to see that at 16 or below within the next couple of months. I have hip problems so I usually don’t run longer than 5 miles at a time now either.


Also that was on a treadmill. I’m lucky to also have wilderness trails at work that I can run on my lunches, I usually get in about 2.5 miles in there a few days during the week when the weather isn’t horrible. I live in the PNW.


Sorry about your injury. But glad to hear you’re still staying active.