Running in Recovery in 2024

I love running! It is probably the largest tool in my toolbox for sobriety. I use to hate it :joy: When I started years ago I could barely run for 30 seconds.

A thread for all things runnings. Let’s talk stats and races and SHOES. Gotta love new shoes :wink: Thread name stolen from @Jana1988


Kicking the year off with a easy paced run. In one of my guided runs the other day the trainer said run at your forever pace so since I went hard effort yesterday I went slower today

Current book. I’m really enjoying it. I like biographies


I wanted to hit new year with half marathon distance but my right foot (the little toe area) was killing me and I stopped at 19km.
Still happy and satisfied, my longest run till now :grin:


You are gonna have no problem with the half in March!

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Ahahaha, love the name :blush::hugs:

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Nice 19k :clap:t2:

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Nice, keep moving!

Had a nice run this AM! A New Year’s tradition for the past many years. Not a stats or race person tho. Running definitely has been a helpful part of my recovery. Clears my mind and helps move it out of my body.

Great pace @Runningfree !! Enjoy!!


Got a new pair of running shoes today. I’m just starting out, but hoping to really get into the habit this year, I plan to book myself into a race every month or so to keep me motivated. Did a 5K race last month and was pretty pleased with my performance, having only been training for 4 weeks prior.

Haven’t been out for two weeks now though, due to being very lazy over the festive period. Today coming to a close marks 5 days AF, so hopefully throw on the shoes this week and get moving again!


Tuesday is my normal run day so I’ll be runnng as well :running_woman:t2::confetti_ball:
What kind of shoes did you get?
Congratulations on 5 day AF :confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

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Wow, nice job for just jumping in and participating in races!

I used to run 3-4 times a week and did the occasional half-marathon. Was never about performance though, more to keep in shape, fresh air and time to think.

Well, I haven’t been out running for about 3 years … I’d LOVE to start again, maybe even with my dog. So I guess I’ll just be lurking here for a bit.


@Runningfree i got a nice pair of New Balance trainers. Always been a Nike guy but these were a gift and I love them, so looking forward to getting out and racking up some miles.

@Forgive_Yourself I only really entered the race as motivation to get out and exercise. I treated the race day as more of a competition against myself than trying to race against anyone else. I set a couple of goals for the day and managed to achieve them so it turned out well. The atmosphere on the day was great too, everyone so positive and people of all ages and fitness levels, so didn’t feel out my depth at all. Not sure I’m ready for the half marathon though!


9.24 today. That leaves 8.33 miles tomorrow to reach my goal of 50 in one week. Feeling good, hope to knock it out early!


You got this!!!


Ran a nice little 5k today after having a cold the past couple of days; it felt really good to get out and get moving again!!


Nice, I hope you’re feeling better. :+1:


Thank you!! I’m feeling pretty great again :slight_smile: in a weird way, it was nice to know that I was “legitimately ill” as opposed to “I’m unable to run bc I’m maybe-ill-maybe-hungover…!”

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I really didn’t want to today. I hardly ever run more than a day in a row and today was day 3 of running. I’m just tired. Next two days are just weights and friday is long run day. Off to take a nap before work :joy:


Day 7: 8.33 miles. Did a combination of treadmill and track work at the gym.

Total: 50.00 miles.

Done! Thanks for the encouragement, it really helped posting here about the progress. It was a great way to get through the break. Back to work tomorrow but I will enjoy the day off from running!


Great, hard work! Very happy for you.
And now, rest :relieved: