Saying no to family members


My sister knows l stop drinking a month ago today. Her and my cousin is always wanting me to walk to store for them and buy beer.This isn’t fair plus my sister is a mean drumk. It’s hard to say no


Why cant she go get it? Its not ur responsibility. So why is no so hard? She can drink if she wants your not telling her to stop. You just may not tag along


I would simply tell them no because you’re in recovery and that’s a trigger for you. If they want to drink they can get it themselves. If she’s a mean drunk and you live with them then I’d go elsewhere for the night if you can or if not just go to bed and avoid them. Sorry you’re in this situation love. Your recovery comes first. Don’t let them force you to do something you don’t want to do. :heart:


Just politely say no. Tell them you are in recovery and want no part of it. Then tell them you still love them😊


My sister is an incredibly mean drunk as well. It’s more about her insecurities with herself than anything with me. I hope you’re in a place to not be around your sister while she’s like that. I’m sorry :pensive:


Um. That’s an easy no to say. It’s one thing if they are asking you to go with them. It’s a whole nuther one if they are asking you to go FOR them. NO!


Are they under age hence you buying it for them? Just put your foot down and say no :woman_shrugging:


I wondered that after I posted. An even better reason to say no!!


I hear you loud and clear on this one. Congratulations on 1 month! Thats huge. My identical twin sister was my very best and worse drinking buddy. I had to tell her “No.” She doesn’t believe I’m an alcoholic. Me addmitting it finally challenges her to also look inwardly. I had to take a more firm approach and tell her I will not be around you when you drink. Its too much of a trigger for me. Feels like loosing a friend. Ultimately she’s supportive of me. It took me being firm. I hope your family is understanding and supportive. Its so much harder to tell family no. YOU CAN DO THIS. Stay strong.


So if they are not taking your sobriety seriously then maybe you need to set some expectations with them. You might also have to be stearn about it. Your sobriety is not worth their bullshit…


I want to say thanks for sll those responding


I wouldn’t even leave the house. Do not put yourself in situations like that, she should not be putting that on you. Be polite but firm. We’ll done on keeping on, you absolutely have this


Saying No may piss her off because she isn’t getting her way but it’s best for your recovery.
Your recovery is more important than her getting her way.